Naeisha Rose November 23, 2020

NSBCTC President Calls Anti-Mask Crowd ‘Sinful’ – Champions Smart Safety Protocols

Long Island, NY - Last spring, Long Island was a hotbed of COVID-19, and although cases are once again spiking in New York, efforts to curtail the virus resulted in

Larry Moskowitz November 18, 2020

Confronting Our Historic Failure on Racism

Editor’s Note: Larry Moskowitz's first picket line was in 1964 demanding federal intervention when Civil Rights activists Goodman, Schwerner and Chaney went missing, but before their bodies were found. He

Silver Krieger November 17, 2020

2020 Heroes of Labor: Andy Ansbro, Uniformed Firefighters Association Local 94 President

Editor’s Note: On Thursday, November  19, LaborPress and Emblem Health bring you the second half of the 9th



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Naeisha Rose January 19, 2021

After 30 Years on the Job, Canada Dry Puts the Lives of Dedicated Retirees in Jeopardy

New York, NY - New York's soft drink and brewery union, Teamsters Local 812, says that dozens of retirees who have dedicated more than 30-years of service to Canada Dry

Ben Kimmel January 19, 2021

What Marty Walsh’s Nomination to Head the DOL Means for All Those in Recovery

New York, NY - President-elect Joe Biden has chosen

Steve Wishnia January 17, 2021

In Its Last Days, Trump Administration Rushes More Anti-Labor Rules

WASHINGTON—As the final days of Donald Trump’s presidency wind down, his Department of Labor is still making rules to undermine labor rights, particularly for federal employees. In a 3-2 party-line

Naeisha Rose January 17, 2021

UPOA Challenges Ongoing Discrimination Against Women of Color

New York, NY - Members of the United Probation Officers Association (UPOA) filed a class-action lawsuit recently, against the City of New York and its Department of Probation for alleged

Silver Krieger January 14, 2021

Fast Food Workers to Strike; Pressure on Biden to Enact $15 Federal Minimum in First 100 Days

“At this point, I am willing to do whatever it takes. I have a family that depends on me. One son and a niece and nephew