New York, NY – Vincent Perrone, President of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 804, took office in 2019. He oversees the welfare of the union that largely represents UPS workers in New York. His local numbers 8,000 members. They sort, transport and deliver packages.

Perrone came up in the ranks after working as a package care driver for UPS for 24 years, so he knows the business from the ground up, and is well positioned to make crucial decisions. He also was a shop steward for 12 years. He adds, “I was a Union Rep for one year in 2015, and I took office as president Jan. 1 2019. I was fortunate to be asked to run as an International Trustee with Sean O’Brien and he also appointed me Eastern Region Package Director of 62 Teamster/UPS Locals.”

He has a host of issues with which he has to deal. He says, “There are many issues we deal with including contract and discipline panel, arbitrations, thousands of grievances, constant harassment of our members in our jurisdiction, political issues such as raising the minimum wage, warehouse heat bills, just cause protection, sitting on the Teamster-UPS National Grievance Panel etc. We are starting to negotiate a National Contract and Local supplement as we speak. This is the largest private contract in the country covering 350,000 Teamsters.” 

Perrone has an impressive list of victories: “Some of our biggest victories were navigating our members through a pandemic while continuing to gain almost 1,000 full time jobs in Local 804. Successfully negotiating our 2019 Local supplement. Getting two pension increases in the last 4 years. Greatly enhancing our members’ health benefits. Saving many jobs through the grievance process. Forming coalitions with other unions, community groups and promoting unions not only in the NYC area but all over the country in order to raise the standard of living for all workers.” 



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