For many unions, cancer costs in 2022 overtook all other conditions as the top driver of healthcare spend. While many unions provide health insurance that typically covers cancer screening, challenges in accessing these life-saving services will contribute to the projected 1.9 million new cancer cases and more than 600,000 lives lost in 2023.

About 45% of cancer deaths in the United States are preventable, yet screenings for the most common cancers remain underutilized with little to no progress over the past decade. Members work long hours and are busy raising families, often prioritizing the health of their family over their own and falling behind on recommended cancer screenings. But for union members, staying up to date on regular cancer screenings is essential. The reason? Individuals who work in construction, manufacturing, farming, and other adjacent fields are at an increased risk due to occupational exposure and other risk factors.

Color Health makes things easier for members. Color sends screenings to members’ homes, Fund office or worksite and each member has a dedicated Care Advocate to help them understand what screenings they should be getting, schedule any in-person care based on risk/results, including scheduling colonoscopy, CT scan, finding PCP or finding in-network imaging center. Screenings follow clinical guidelines focused on early detection through increased screening compliance of the most preventable cancers.

Color has been working with the Teamsters Health & Welfare Fund of Phila & Vicinity since 2019 helping members prevent late stage cancer, driving 4X higher utilization than any other benefit offered by the Fund.

Maria Scheeler, Administrator & Executive Director Teamsters Health & Welfare Fund of Phila & Vicinity says of the program, “I absolutely feel Color should be a core part of healthcare benefits, because I believe it provides a powerful tool for not only the Teamsters Fund, but also for the members.” She continues,“It’s a win-win situation because from a fund perspective, you’re looking at catching something early. So, you’re looking at savings there. And from a member’s perspective, you’re looking at catching something early and increasing your survival rate.”

Tyler Lefeber, Director of Labor & Trust at Color, is available at or by phone at (408) 391-3770 to provide additional information and answer questions about how Color is helping unions reduce the devastating impact of late stage cancer.

Jason Abrams VP, Enterprise & Labor Color Health


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