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Win Week In Review

April 30, 2017 
By Doug Cunningham
Workers Independent News
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Washington, DC – [Peg Seminario]: “The future of safety and health for working people in this country I think is uncertain and indeed may be in danger.”

AFL-CIO Safety Director Peg Seminario. The AFL-CIO Wednesday released the report “Death On The Job: The Toll of Neglect”.

A hundred fifty U.S. workers die 150 workers die every day from work-related injuries and illnesses. The number of immigrant workers killed on the job is at a ten year high.

Despite this terrible toll on workers Republicans in power in Washington D.C. have already moved to roll back health and safety protections for workers.

The latest national political resistance action will be Saturday April 29th when a March For Climate, Jobs and Justice comes to Washington, DC. Several labor unions in the Blue Green Alliance are supporting the march.

Blue-Green Alliance Vice President Mike Williams.

[Mike Williams]: “So the reason why we’re engaged is truly to bring the voice of working people into this effort. Because we believe that we can’t solve climate change unless we all work together.

It’s that crazy notion of solidarity. That notion that these issues cut across our little silos.”

[Maria Elena Durazo]: “Resist, resist, resist. That’s a pledge that more and more organizations and just individual people in this country are taking up.

This is another moment – like the Women’s March – to demonstrate that we oppose all of these steps frankly that are in the direction of fascism. And we won’t stand for that in this country.”

Los Angeles County Labor Federation Secretary Treasurer Maria Elena Durazo explaining what the big May Day protest “Resist Los Angeles” is going to be about.

Durazo says turnout for the May 1st protests could top a million people.

For SEIU 99 Executive Director Max Arias the planned massive May Day protest in Los Angeles is an historic action.

Arias says SEIU locals in L.A. are deeply involved in organizing for the “Resist Los Angeles” march and rally May 1st.

[Max Arias]: “It’s going to be a historic march. We need to send a statement to the world and actually to the powers that be – the President and the Republican led Congress and Senate – that we are not afraid.

We will not be intimidated and we are ready to stand up for the most vulnerable in our society.”

With Korean war tensions ratcheted up Professor Christine Hong of the Korea Policy Institute says to understand what’s happening you have to know the Korean War history.

She says in that war the U.S. threatened the use of atomic bombs against North Korea just a few years from having become the first (and so far only) nation on earth to attack civilian populations with nuclear weapons.

Professor Hong told WBAI’s Building Bridges program.

[Professor Christine Hong]: “Atomic weapons against civilian populations in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. And it contemplated the use of nuclear weapons on the Korean peninsula.

In fact General MacArthur spoke about his desire to create a “cobalt zone” between North Korea and Manchuria where no live could live for dozens if not hundreds of years.”

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