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Win Week In Review

March 5, 2017 
By Doug Cunningham
Workers Independent News
To hear the audio click the following link

Washington, DC – The AFL-CIO says if the leaked draft of the Republican healthcare plan is the one they go with, it’s a non-starter. AFL-CIO President Rich Trumka the leaked GOP healthcare plan lowers the healthcare bar when we should be raising it instead.

He says the GOP is lowering America’s healthcare under the guise of reform. Trumka also noted that the Republican plan would slash health care for tens of millions of Americans and impose a new tax directly on America’s working people, “threatening to destroy the health coverage we earn on the job.”

About 25% of the Environmental Protection Agency’s budget is being cut in the Trump budget. Approximately 3,000 EPA jobs will be cut – going from 15,000 down to 12,000.

John O’Grady is President of AFGE’s National Council of EPA Locals, the largest union representing EPA workers.

[John O’ Grady]: “Morale is in the basement – possibly lower. We’re already at a point where we don’t have enough staff to do everything that Congress has tasked us with.

And to reduce the staff by another three thousand is going to make it impossible for U.S. EPA to protect human health and the environment.”

[Danny Glover]: “You know Dr. King always talked about a union. He said the best anti-poverty program he knew was the union.”

Activist actor Danny Glover. On Saturday Glover will join U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, civil rights, clergy and hundreds of Nissan workers for the March On Mississippi.

It’s a rally and march for a union as well as for civil rights at Nissan’s Canton, Mississippi plant.

The workers and their supporters are demanding that Nissan respect workers’ rights to vote for a union without fear of retaliation.

Senator Sanders says Nissan has union representation at 42 out of its 45 plants around the world and the American south should not be treated differently.

The recent victory by National Nurses United/California Nurses Association at Kaiser Permanente after a 17 month struggle has secured a good contract for 1200 Los Angeles nurses.

Another 550 nurses at 21 Kaiser hospitals across northern and central California just became NNU/CNA union members.

Deborah Burger is co-president of National Nurses United and president of California Nurses Association. She says the Los Angeles Kaiser nurses were long overdue for a pay raise.

[Deborah Burger]: “These nurses have been without a pay raise for over six years. So this settlement is huge in many, many ways.Because those nurses have not given up. They continued the struggle.”

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