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Win Week In Review:

January 15, 2017 
By Doug Cunningham
Workers Independent News
To hear the audio click the following link

Washington, DC – On Sunday January 15th National Nurses United are making what they say is their first stand to resist harmful policies of the new administration in Washington. It’s a national day of action to save health care.

NNU Co-President Deborah Burger.

[Deborah Burger]: “We want to save health care for everyone. We want to expand Medicare and Medicaid. And we want to make sure thatthe politicians are on notice before they take office that we will not tolerate cuts to any kind of health care.”

The nurses say actions will happen in forty cities, including New York, Washington D.C., San Francisco , Chicago, Fort Worth, Portland Maine, Columbus Ohio and others. More information is available at

The University of California system is one of the ten richest universities in the country.

But Teamsters Local 2010 President Jason Rabinowitz says university workers are suffering from low wages and years without raises.

[Jason Rabinowitz]: “The workers are about eighty percent women, two-thirds people of color. And the university has driven down their real wages over the past two decades by about 24 percent. To the point where over seventy percent of the workers, according to a recent study, are suffering from either hunger or food insecurity.”

Thousands of UC workers represented by the Teamsters went on a recent unfair labor practices strike this week.

[Randi Weingarten]: “Donald Trump’s choice to head the Department of Education is the antithesis of public education and all it represents….And it’s the antithesis of what our kids need.”American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten speaking at the National Press Club Monday.

The AFT and the National Education Association are opposing the nomination of billionaire Betsy Devos as federal Education Secretary. The teacher’s unions say Devos is an ideological extremist intent on defunding and undermining public education in America.

[Randi Weingarten]: “She hasn’t taught in a public school. She hasn’t served on a school board. She never attended a public school nor did she send her kids to one…. the most anti-public education nominee in the history of the department…”

Workers employed by the CKE Restaurants – the company ran by Labor Secretary nominee Andrew Puzder – report high rates of wage and hour violations and sexual harassment.

That’s according to a survey of CKE employees done by Restaurant Opportunities Centers United (ROC United). Hundreds of workers were surveyed using social media.

Two thirds of the women workers at CKE surveyed by ROC United reported sexual harassment at work. According to Puzder’s employees the nominee to head the Labor Department runs a business that routinely violates labor law and subjects women workers to sexual harassment.

Cashiers and cooks led protests in more than two dozen cities Wednesday against Puzder’s nomination as U.S. Secretary of Labor.

1400 BG&E workers in Baltimore will be represented by the IBEW. They voted to form IBEW Local 410. The voting happened on Wednesday and Thursday.

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