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Win Week in Review 36

July 10, 2016 
By Doug Cunningham
Workers Independent News

Washington, DC – U.S. dockworkers on both coasts observed an international hour of silence Thursday in honor of workers who have died on the docks around the world.

The International Day of Action was organized by the International Dockworkers Council and the International transport Worker's Federation.

The ILWU says it stands in solidarity with dockworkers in America and around the world who are calling attention to dangerous working conditions on the docks.

ILWU spokesperson Craig Merilees says the hour of silence Thursday had a dual purpose for ILWU members.

[Craig Merilees]: "To honor worker's who've died on the docks and to stand up for the rights of workers on the docks and all over the world who are facing repression and push-back from powerful international corporations. "

Hundreds of SEIU Local 1021 San Joaquin County workers are on an unfair labor practices strike.

According to the local those labor law violations include not bargaining in good faith, refusing to meet with the union to bargain, not making labor contract proposals and withholding information the union is entitled to for bargaining.

SEIU also alleges that the county is "discriminating against union members and punishing workers for legal union activity.”

SEIU 1021 President Roxanne Sanchez told local reporters that understaffing is also a critical issue in San Joaquin County.

[Roxanne Sanchez]: "The understaffing in the county is atsevere levels. They are refusing to acknowledge and to deal with that. The compensation is very low – to recruit and to retain. But those are the issues at the table that we cannot engage the employer in a thoughtful and reasonable discussion."

SEIU says more than 800 positions authorized by the county budget are not filled.

In Atlantic City Wednesday Hillary Clinton blasted Donald Trump's business record as a selfish, systematic use of bankruptcy to enrich himself while devastating workers, small businesses and their communities.

Four of Trump's Atlantic City properties, including casinos went bankrupt.

[Hillary Clinton]: "When this casino collapsed because of how badly he managed it, hundreds of people lost their jobs, shareholders were wiped out, lenders lost money. Contractors, many of them small businesses, took heavy losses and many themselves went bust. But Donald Trump? He walked away with millions."

Clinton says America can't allow Trump to do to the country what he did to his businesses. Clinton said Trump brags about victimizing and taking advantage of workers, looting his businesses using bankruptcy laws.

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