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Win Week In Review

October 30, 2016  
By Doug Cunningham
Workers Independent News

Hartford, CT – 750 striking Harvard dining hall workers have won their three-week strike. UNITE-HERE Local 26 President Brian Lang says the union’s bargaining committee believes the tentative agreement “addresses all of the concerns” raised by the striking workers.

They demanded at least $35,000 a year and an end to Harvard putting more health care costs on them. The workers were voting on the tentative contract ending the strike on Wednesday.

Striker Aaron Duckett says in addition to strong union and student support, the Harvard strikers also drew some political support for their strike.

[Aaron Duckett]: “It’s been unbelievable. State officials. Elizabeth Warren’s come out to our line. We’ve had tons of city council members from Cambridge. We’ve had a couple of Boston Council members come out to our line.”

Striking UFCW workers at Jim Beam approved a new contract ending their strike. UFCW Local 111D President Janelle Mudd says the company addressed everything the workers wanted them to.

The new two year contact includes wage increases, caps on temporary employees, ends a two-tier wage system, mandates hiring of more full-time workers and provides equal pay for equal work.

The AFL-CIO says its data shows that black women come out to vote in higher numbers than other women. And those women are not voting for Trump.

The GOP candidate is going to feel himself getting grabbed by the ballot by a powerful surge of black women voters November 8th.

The Milwaukee Labor Council’s Sheila Cochran.

[Sheila Cochran]: “We are , as women, key in electing worker-friendly candidates and have always been. And our demographic when we look at post-election synopses there’s always at the top of the line a very strong presence of African-American women.”

A new AFL-CIO report on the TPP and Migrant workers says the TPP trade agreement is bad for workers and displaces migrant workers, impacting the U.S. immigration system.

AFL-CIO Trade and Globalization specialist Celeste Drake.

[Celeste Drake]: “It provides no guarantee of equal rights and remedies to migrants for labor violations. And no region-wide restrictions on abusive behaviors by labor recruiters who pray on desperate workers simply trying to feed their families.”

Defense contract workers staged a strike Tuesday at the Port of Los Angeles over mis-classification of workers. The strike happened on the day President Obama’s Executive Order protecting low-wage workers from wage theft took effect.

Good Jobs Nation marked the occasion by launching a first of its kind hotline National Wage Theft Hotline where workers can report wage theft and get legal defense against it.

Joseph Geevarghese is National Campaign Director for Good Jobs Nation, which represents over two million low wage federal contract workers.

[Joseph Geevarghese]: “Good Jobs Nation’s legal team has found that many federal contracts are awarded to irresponsible firms that routinely trample the rights of workers.”  To hear the audio click the following link

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