The role of a pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) in today’s healthcare landscape is evolving and ever-changing.  Once just a provider of pharmacy cards, PBMs today must be able to offer a suite of cost containment tools, disease-state management strategies, and specialty pharmacy management and services.  A recent report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicated that overall healthcare costs continue to trend above price and wage increases, with pharmacy outpacing all other medical costs. As the cost of prescription drugs increase, PBMs must evolve and provide pioneering services to help ease the burden for plan sponsors and labor groups.

An effective PBM partner should be able to offer a suite of options designed to reduce pharmacy expenditures for the plan sponsor, while improving healthcare outcomes for members.  The PBM of tomorrow must have enhanced services, providing proactive clinical care programs, member engagement tools, advanced reporting capabilities, and risk-based performance arrangements.

One PBM, MaxorPlus, is delivering on its promise to provide comprehensive and adaptive PBM solutions for labor groups today. Since opening its first pharmacy in 1926, Maxor has developed into a nationwide provider of pharmacy and health care services.  MaxorPlus, a division of Maxor, was established in 2001 as a full-service PBM, providing superior clinical programs, cost-savings strategies and the highest standards in customer service and satisfaction. Maxor is a privately held corporation and is not owned by either a pharmaceutical manufacturer or a pharmacy chain. Through the development of innovative products and services, MaxorPlus is redefining the role of a pharmacy services provider and is helping shape the future of health care.

Experience the MaxorPlus Difference…Your Solution to Pharmacy Benefits®


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