September 20, 2013
By Diane Cohen

The Washington State Labor Council (WSLC) supported President Obama for re-election. But after the victory WSLC joined many other labor leaders in publically complaining about Obamacare's effect on labor-supported multi-employer health plans. Last week, the AFL-CIO, of which the WSLC is a part, passed a resolution calling for changes to Obamacare at its national convention.

This week THE STAND, the WSLC's news site, highlighted the Obama Administration's decision to deny labor's request for a waiver that would allow these multi-employer plans to still qualify for subsidies that are only available to plans that are included in the upcoming insurance exchanges. Noting that the administration is exploring options to make the plans conform with exchange rules instead of granting a waiver, The Stand wrote that many in labor don't care for that alternative: "It means giving up the advantages they get by being associated with employers, and it will entail significant disruption for their members."

Even more notable than what THE STAND wrote is the fact that they included a story from The Hill last week, "Disapproval of ObamaCare reaches new high, poll finds." The question remains if any of this public pressure by labor on the Obama Administration is going to have any real effect.


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