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Viveka Health Offers Free Mobile App to Relay Critical Information in Real-Time to Furloughed, Laid Off and Remote Workers

Labor unions, TPAs, and employers responsible for employee benefits, policies and services struggle to meaningfully reach beneficiaries. They should adopt real-time, mobile solutions to communicate and exchange essential data with workers who have been laid-off, furloughed or forced to work remotely.

During the Covid-19 crisis Viveka Health is donating its applications to those groups needing to reach members.  Members simply download the member app to synchronize their data, update or enter missing or inaccurate data, and communicate with their benefits representative. 

The free Viveka Health benefits management solution allows benefits managers to: 

• Securely send, receive and synchronize member and beneficiary data, including emails, cell phones, and addresses • Distribute and e-sign required benefits documents, including COBRA notices and insurance ID cards, in real-time • Provide updates on health (COVID-19), employment and benefits in native languages  • Ensure workers have the most accurate and up-to-date information to make decisions and complete actions related to health, wealth, and employment  • Electronically delivery documents to reduce postage and handling expense • Improve beneficiary health and safety by storing and sharing medical, Rx, and lab data • Decrease fraud risks through the adoption of electronic ID cards, fingerprint, and FaceID technologies 


• Labor unions, Third Party Administrators (TPAs) and self-insured employers are struggling to disperse and collect important health and wealth benefit information to employees and members who have been laid off, furloughed, or must work remotely. 

• The majority of important records and systems that are housed on antiquated mainframes which cannot be reliably used and accessed remotely. Without physical access to their office buildings, benefit teams cannot readily execute critical business functions. 

• Current processes do not take advantage of today’s technology. Delays in exchanging up-todate, real-time information complicate benefits delivery and add enormous administrative and clinical costs  

• Third party vendors technologies are not interested in integrating your needs. Vendor apps never give YOU control over the data and message. Apps from health insurers, wealth administrators do not talk to each other and do not enable you to interact with your people. A position that costs time and money. 


• Provide a cloud-based, cost-effective, and efficient means for human resources and benefit managers to execute their benefit functions and communication in real-time 24/7. 

• Enable secure messaging to exchange data, expedite services, and provide human-to-human interaction in an accountable and auditable way. 

• Synchronize and orchestrate employee health and wealth data so as to maximize value and reduce opportunities for fraud, waste and abuse. 


COVID-19 has forced nearly all US employers to lay off, furlough or require workers to set up home offices. Human resources and benefits managers are now facing the seemingly unsurmountable effort to manage communications and share information necessary to support workers in making health, wealth, and employee benefit decisions, while they themselves are forced to work remotely. Workers are demanding answers to a mountain of questions, including: 

• Is this a temporary or permanent situation? • Should I look for new or supplemental employment? • Should I file for unemployment or government COVID-19 subsidies? • Will my health benefits continue? • What will happen to my PTO balance, pension or 401K funds? • What forms do I have to complete? • How long will it take? • Who can I go to for help? 

 Many of those charged with managing worker benefits (unions, benefit funds, TPAs, and self-insured employer benefit managers) require on office access to get work done. The COVID-19 lock-down dramatically demonstrate the weakness of this dependency. Part of the difficulty is that legacy Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) were never designed for the needs and challenges of the modern workforce. Many still use antiquated legacy mainframe technologies and rely on co-located workers to execute critical business functions. For those who still have access to their legacy systems, the process to collect, generate and distribute information is extremely labor intensive, error prone, and costly. In addition, many people aren’t keen on receiving information via US mail due to risk of COVID19 contamination. Complicating matters, health, wealth and benefits information (forms and instructions) are time sensitive. They must be distributed in a timely manner to comply with state and federal requirements. Failure to do so can have a huge impact on the health and wealth of you and your members.  


The ideal solution is a secure, flexible, cloud-based platform that simplifies and improves the benefit teams and beneficiary experience while reducing overall expenses, in a reliable and auditable way.  

Features include: • Flexibility that enables work-from-home  • Easy-to-use technologies and app available to download to iPhone and Android devices • HIPAA secure with role-based permissions • Support workflows such as automation and self-service that drive value and reduce cost • Form-filling features, application completions, and enrollments • Real-time, multichannel communications (SMS/text, message board, voice, video, paper) • One-on-one or in group messaging • Individual or group targeting for communications • Two-way audited document delivery (insurance cards, payroll statements, etc) • Store and share critical information (medical records, find a doctor) • Quick setup and configuration (within days for administrators and minutes for end users) 

Delivering the right message at the right time and in the right way can have a huge impact on the health and wealth of you and your members.  

To get started, contact Viveka Health at 1-844-4-VIVEKA or 1-844-484-8352 

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