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United Benefit Planners And How It Can Work For You

New York, NY – United Benefit Planners began over 25 years ago in the Tri-State area. Its client base continues to reflect the needs of the hard-working men and women of the labor community. UBP offers peace of mind to Labor by offering high quality benefit solutions.

Steve E. DeBiasi, Insurance Consultant/Broker, founded, and continues to serve as CEO of Union Benefit Planners. In 2016, Union Benefit Planners became an Acrisure agency partner. The unique Acrisure partnership model allows the existing management, identity and culture of UBP to remain unchanged. Acrisure is an organization of growth-oriented leaders that recognizes the value and wisdom of leveraging strengths while maintaining the entrepreneurial mind-set and culture that caused it to be successful. Founded in 2005, Acrisure, LLC is the 4th largest insurance broker in America and one of the fastest growing as well.

UBP is a full benefits firm providing comprehensive consulting services to unions and labor funds. Strategies around funding and contributions are an integral part of the process.

UBP will guide you through the planning and implementation of a benefits package that is right for your organization:


  • Identify Networks
  • Network Analysis
  • Pharmacy Benefit Analysis
  • Wellness Strategy
  • Communication Strategy
  • Compliance Assistance
  • Benchmarking
  • Benefit Analysis
  • Cost Projections
  • ACA Cost Impact
  • Consumer Driven Health Plans
  • Special Projects


  • Medical
  • Self-Insured
  • Fully Insured
  • Level Funded
  • Stop Loss
  • Captives
  • MEC Plan
  • Prescription
  • EGWP
  • Part D Solutions
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Hearing
  • Critical Illness
  • Hospital Indemnity
  • Life Insurance
  • Whole
  • Term
  • Universal
  • Long Term Care
  • Long Term Disability
  • Short Term Disability

Let the UBP worksite team review or introduce supplemental benefits to your members. These payroll deducted products allow your membership to maximize their existing member benefits for a robust benefits package at no cost to the union.

As a full service benefit advisor, your UBP worksite team will…

  • Work together to evaluate your current and future insurance needs.
  • Recommend the best options based on your requirements.
  • Serve as your advocate and advisor with recommended insurance products.
  • Assist with coordinating communication to your membership and providing ongoing support as needed.

Members need the additional coverage…

More than 50% of your membership has zero life insurance outside of employer-provided coverage. The majority does not have enough personal savings to offset the additional, out of pocket costs (ie. High deductibles) of a significant injury or illness.

Access to additional coverage…

If they have pre-existing medical conditions, chances are they will be denied coverage or pay a prohibitive rate. Paying premium through payroll deductions is a budget-conscious approach for a membership that may live paycheck to paycheck.

Below is just a few of our offerings…

  • Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance
  • Term, Whole and Universal with Long Term Care
  • Retiree Pension Max Strategy
  • Disability
  • Cancer
  • Critical Illness
  • Accident
  • Hospital Indemnity
  • Caregiver Support
  • Student Loan Assistance
  • Popular Discount Benefit Solutions
  • Affinity Programs
  • Supplemental Unemployment
  • Insurance
  • Health Advocate
  • Telemedicine
  • Work life Services
  • Pet Care
  • Legal Services
  • ID Theft
  • Auto/Home

Maryelizabeth Zacharias is president of Union Benefit Planners

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