CALGARY, Alberta—The rotating strikes by Canada Post workers look like they’ll continue for some time, a regional union head told the Global News network Nov. 3. Talks involving a federal mediator ended Nov. 2 without much progress on issues of health and safety concerns, workload, staffing, and wages, Gord Fischer, the Canadian Union of Postal Workers’ national director for the prairie region, said on Global News Morning. “We haven’t got much agreement on any of those areas,” he said. “It’s been two weeks, and we haven’t seen much movement on the other side.” Canada Post officials say they have made “significant offers.” The CUPW began holding strikes lasting one to three days in various locations around the country Oct. 22. On Nov. 4, 1,800 workers of CUPW’s Scarborough local walked out, stopping mail and parcel delivery to downtown Toronto and its eastern suburbs. Other strikes began Nov. 4-5 in London, Ontario and several towns in Newfoundland and Labrador, while the union ended its job action in Kitchener-Waterloo, in Toronto’s western suburbs. The CUPW is using the rotating-strike tactic because it doesn’t want to shut down mail service completely, Fischer explained: “We know that it’s important to many people.” Read more


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