NEW YORK, NY – Today, UFA President Gerard Fitzgerald made the following comments on the death of Rt. Marine Engineer John L. Buhler from 9-11-related cancers:

“On behalf of the membership, our sincerest sympathies are extended to the family and friends of Rt. Marine Engineer John L. Buhler, Company 6, due to 9/11-related illness. He was a courageous leader and always had a positive attitude. We will lay Marine Engineer Buhler to rest tomorrow

Unfortunately, his death marks the eighth passing this year and is another tragic reminder that more than 16 years after the 9/11 attacks, hundreds of first responders continue to suffer from illness and cancer as a result of their selflessness during the immediate rescue and recovery efforts.”


1 thought on “UFA President Gerald Fitzgerald Comments on Passing of Retired Marine Engineer John Buhler”

  1. My father , Engineer Badge # 74, John W Sheridan , 35 yrs. In service, was a friend of this man’s Father, who has passed.
    My older brother served 35 also, in service, but…. I did not 4l Due to disability retirement.
    I remember very well John senior. A really nice man, a soft spoken gentleman. His son was at least an equal. God bless all of the Buhler families.
    Ron Sheridan/ ret./E225

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