DETROIT, Mich.—In a surprise message Nov. 2, United Auto Workers President Gary Jones told the union’s staff that he will take a leave of absence, effective Nov. 3. Vice President Rory Gamble will serve as acting president, the union said in a statement. Jones made the announcement two days after federal court papers implicated “Union Official A” in a probe into embezzlement of UAW funds. “The UAW is fighting tooth and nail to ensure our members have a brighter future. I do not want anything to distract from the mission,” he said in a statement. “Nobody is sure how far it goes or how deep it goes,” Frank Trubiro, vice president of Local 659 in Flint, told the Detroit Free Press. He said that Jones stepping aside shows that “the rest of us the UAW is taking steps to get this taken care of and put it behind us so we can get to the business of representing our workers. And we had great public support during the strike.” Jones’ decision also shocked UAW members because it came three days after the union announced a tentative contract deal with Ford, and before it started negotiations with Fiat-Chrysler. Read more


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