The Super Committee – A Band of Fakers

November 29, 2011
By Thomas J. Mackell, Jr., Ed.D., Senior Partner, Black Thorn Lynch Associates, Inc., former Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond and author of: "When the Good Pensions Go Away: Why America Needs a New Deal for Pension and Health Care Reform."

What should we call them? The "gang that couldn't shoot straight" or the "stupid committee?" This is the notorious group of Republicans and Democrats who told us that they  "struggled" with the basic tasks of governance but they lost.

One late night comedian talk-show host suggested that President Obama had an ace up his sleeve. He's going to appoint a new super-duper committee. Perhaps they can do the trick!

The rogues on Wall Street, whose primary focus is on the markets and not much more, will look at Washington and say once again "you folks  can't get the job done." And we wonder why the markets are so volatile and the members of Congress disapproval rate is above 90 %.
When will these clowns leave the three ring circus and get serious about the fate of our great nation? Or is this wishful thinking?

When will the voters wake up and smell the cowardice? This band of Congress members are third-rate, spineless and they are destroying the American way of life. How can we allow them to continue to kick the hard decisions into the future and jeopardize our kids' lives?


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