By Erica Varlese

Al Jazeera provides pictures of May Day marches around the world.

A new report was published yesterday by the Regional Plan Association claiming that open shops have reduced construction costs for the city and recommends eliminating “wasteful” work regulations.

New York Magazine features a profile piece on Sandy Pope, the woman running against Hoffa for the Teamster presidency. 

The United Nations fired a group of workers and stated that they were not allowed to apply for their old jobs with the new contractor because of their union membership.

The media company Thompson Reuters and the Newspaper Guild ended a 26 month dispute by reaching a tentative contract last Friday. The contract also addressed a complaint with the NLRB that a reporter was reprimanded for discussing work conditions on Twitter.

A New York Times editorial discusses the poor conditions of guest workers in America.

Teens looking for jobs this summer will have more difficulty as the unemployment rate rises.

The Department of Labor has updated its equal opportunity policy to protect gender identity and pregnancy against discrimination.


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