By Erica Varlese

Locked out Blue Cross/Blue Shield workers are still fighting for a better contract. Now joined by OPEIU Local 212, the protest moved to the local Kleinhans Music Hall.

Food workers at Yankee Stadium are filing suit, claiming that their tips are being withheld.

Union members of Council 82 rejected a contract with Governor Cuomo that included a pay freeze.

Despite heavy union support during election season, Connecticut Governor Daniel Malloy has begun layoffs after cutting the state budget.  

After getting burned and blinded in one eye, restaurant worker Yun Tung Chow filed suit against Lewis Red Devil Lye. After a lower court threw out the case, the New York State Court of Appeals is reinstating his liability suit, asserting that companies need to better label potentially dangerous materials.

In response to protests asking Mayor Bloomberg to get large financial institutions to pay their share of taxes, the mayor stated that he does not know how many layoffs are actually in the works.


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