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The Eye Opener – The ABC’s of Proper Eye Care


November 10, 2010

Makeup, lotions and hairspray may cause eye irritation or infection through improper use.  Here are some helpful tips.

Wash hands before applying any type of eye makeup.  Keep all makeup applicators such as brushes and pads clean.  Do not share makeup with anyone else being especially careful at store’s cosmetic counters.

While common sense dictates not to apply makeup while in a moving vehicle, many women put on eye makeup on their way to work or school in a moving bus, car or train? Not a good idea. One bump in the road may result in an eye injury such as a scratch on the cornea.

Do not use hard or sharp pencil to put on eyeliner.  Applying eyeliner to the inner edge of the lids may also clog tiny pores and cause infection.

Always remove eye makeup at the end of the day. If you wear night cream or lotion, be sure it has fully absorbed into your skin before going to bed.

Be sure to throw away all eye cosmetics after three months.

Good general physical health is important to good eye health as well and being aware of various injury risks to the eyes at home in school and at work, will hopefully result in healthy eyes for a long time.

Be sure to see your General Vision Services optical provider for routine eye exams and discuss any concerns you may have.

Answers to Optical IQ Test

Reading Glasses (c)
Computer Glasses (c)
Progressive Lenses (a)
Astigmatism (b)

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