New York, NY – The union coalition of bricklayers, carpenters, laborers and cement and concrete workers formed to fight back against NYC’s increasingly anti-worker construction industry continues to hold some of the biggest players on the scene to account.

Members of the #TakeItBack campaign stand united against big money interests flouting basic worker protections in New York City’s construction industry.

A week before Thanksgiving Day festivities, members of Cement and Concrete Workers District Council 16, New York City District Council of Carpenters, Local 79, and Local 1 Bricklayers brought their #TakeItBack campaign to the Manhattan offices of Allianz Capital Partners of America, located at 1633 Broadway. 

Allianz, like other enormous financial institutions including J.P. Morgan Asset Management, invests huge sums of money into projects openly flouting fundamental worker rights and protections.

Trade unionists are calling on the multi-billion-dollar conglomerate to start enforcing responsible contractor policies and to stop supporting an “underground economy that creates a race to the bottom.”

Allianz is an investor in the new Terminal Warehouse project in the West Chelsea Historic District. Contractors with problematic business practices hired to work on the Terminal Warehouse project include New Line Structures, ECD NY, and Alba Services. The firms have lengthy histories that include dangerous work conditions, extensive litigation, allegations of wage theft, allegations of gender discrimination, and tragically one recorded worker fatality.

This past summer, the New York City Department of Sanitation reportedly started investigating illegal handling and disposal of asbestos containing material at the Terminal Warehouse. 


1 thought on “#TakeItBack Campaign Holds Big Money Financiers Accountable for Abuses in Construction Industry”

  1. The problem is government ! – Ask yourself this questions, why did the history of collective bargaining had to go through hell and back, BEFORE its blueprint became an axiom ?

    The elephant in the room is clear : So long as the DOL/NLRB etc., are not as staunch with punishing wicked contractors that hurt their honest employees, their wrongdoing will continue to compound. – *Labor laws are too lame ! And our outrage will continue !
    I appreciate the genuine motivation from our organizers [whatever the trade] – the fact the we are able to come together [whatever the trade] and confront Allianz, is a meaningful challenge that’s preparing the road for a better tomorrow. ie., a tomorrow that puts the worker before profit! A tomorrow that emphasizes on why, collective bargaining is the key ! A tomorrow that kills the cancer of, open shop/right to work.

    hamilotn pagan LiUNA

    Union strong !
    Union CLEAN

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