July 6, 2012
By Rabbi Michael E. Feinberg Executive Director’ Greater New York Labor-Religion Coalition

The Greater New York Labor-Religion Coalition stands with the more than 8,500 locked out utility workers in and around New York City, in their fight for decent benefits and a fair contract.

The 800 clergy and congregations of the Greater New York Labor-Religion Coalition network urge the management of Consolidated Edison to end the lockout of the workers immediately. We further urge them to return to the bargaining table and to negotiate in good faith towards a fair contract that respects the rights and needs of its workers.

As a corporation with more than $ 5 billion profits in 2011, Con Edison can well afford to meet the needs of its workers for decent health benefits and retirement provisions.
This is in the interests of Con Edison itself, its workers, and the public at large for whose wellbeing the company is responsible.

From our varied faith traditions—Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and others—as religious leaders we see the rights of workers and the Dignity of Labor as sacrosanct.

For this reason, we offer our Solidarity, our prayers and any material support needed to the locked out utility workers until a just settlement is reached.


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