A main characteristic of the workforce is that time becomes a valuable commodity. The hours can be long and jobs become busy. Schedules lead to hectic times, which can also lead to a lack of self-care. Oftentimes, ideas like exercise fall to the wayside. Healthy diets give way to the quick and easy foods. But be advised there are ways to create simple, healthy routines to strengthen the heart and muscles, to burn calories, control appetite, boost moods, improve immunity, sleep better, and reduce arthritis pain and stiffness through joint movement. According to, these are the benefits of cardiovascular exercise.

Simple plans such as proper hydration and a healthy diet is also a great way to stay fit. There are times when people are on the go. There are times when life becomes so busy, people run into themselves at the door. In which case, the question becomes “How can I improve my cardio when I hardly have time to breathe?”

Walking more and taking the stairs is an excellent plan. Stretching is also helpful. The idea behind the motion of exercise is to create a physiological change in the body to release endorphins from the brain. Look for downtime to create an opportunity for movement. Also, find like-minded people to refer to as a means of support. Remember, a healthy body incorporates a healthy mind to improve all around performance both on and off the job. Start simple. Look for plans that are easy to maintain and rewarding to work with. Since heart disease is still the leading cause of death, it pays to take care and keep healthy.

Everyone knows being part of the working world is not easy. The need to earn a living and feed the family is our prime motivation to work hard and stay Union Strong. However, life can be quickly interrupted without creating a plan to live a healthy lifestyle.

Ben Kimmel is a proud member of IUOE Local 94, as well as a Mental Health First Aid Instructor, Certified Recovery Coach, Certified Professional Life Coach, and Peer & Wellness Advocate. Ben can be reached at


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