Bruce Springsteen serves as his own director and the writer of his first foray on Broadway, a solo performance at the Walter Kerr Theatre.  Usually he sells out stadiums, but here in the intimacy of a Broadway theater, the crowd is electrified by his persona. Springsteen goes from a stationary microphone and his acoustic guitar to the onstage grand piano. He is dressed as could be expected, in a black T-shirt and jeans. He communicates his words and music, which enlivens all his fans, and in between numbers, talks to the audience about his life and music, telling colorful tales from his childhood and his life as a performer. This can be tedious for all but the true Springsteen fan.

His wife, Patti Scialfa, makes a brief appearance, joining Springsteen for a couple of numbers.

Overall, the performance is what one would expect of a Springsteen concert. If you are a fan, this two-hour show is something you could dig your teeth into, but if you are not, you may get lost in the interposed conversation and storytelling.


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