August 12, 2015
By Steve Wishnia and Neal Tepel

Protesters demanding that New Jersey pass a law requiring paid sick days caused some traffic problems during a fundraiser for Gov. Chris Christie’s presidential campaign. “Hey hey, ho ho, Chris Christie has got to go,” chanted the crowd invading the Asbury Park Convention Hall, mostly red T-shirted members of the Communications Workers of America and the New Jersey Education Association.

A plane flying above towed a banner reading “Chris Christie Makes Us Sick: #EarnedSickDaysForNJ.’’ “By opposing paid sick leave, Governor Christie is continuing to force people in New Jersey to choose between working while they are sick—and possibly infecting others—and paying their bills,” said Phyllis Salowe-Kay, executive director of New Jersey Citizen Action. The event raised $1.3 million for the governor’s campaign. Read More


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