June 14, 2014
Around Town – By Neal Tepel

Senate Bill No. 1469 makes it possible for not-for profit veterans organizations to dispose of unclaimed veterans remains respectfully and honorably.  In 2010 Senator Parker’s legislation was signed into law which allowed for funeral directors, undertakers and funeral firms to honorably dispose of unclaimed cremated remains of veterans. This bill is the missing link.

“This year I am hopeful that the Assembly passes this important piece of legislation and that the Governor signs it into law,” stated Parker. “Millions of Americans have made the ultimate sacrifice by risking their lives to defend this country through military service. This law shows the pride we have in our veterans, and reminds them that the people of New York are appreciative of their service,” continued Parker (D-21).

Remains of veterans from World War I to the Vietnam era in New York and other states have been unable to be interred because the veterans had no known family members to claim them.
“Veterans who have defended our country deserve the dignity of a proper burial complete with proper military honors,” said Senator Parker. “It is my hope this legislation will ensure that none of our fallen heroes will be forgotten.”


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