Put King In The New York City Council

Put King In The New York City Council

August 20, 2012
A LaborPress Editorial
By Neal Tepel, Publisher

It’s not often that the electorate gets the chance to set things right at the polls so soon. Usually, we’re forced to suffer an offending politician’s reign until his term in office officially expires. But this time – because of the conviction of Larry Seabrook on corruption charges – New Yorkers in the 12th District in the Bronx are going to get a second chance to vote for Andy King – and LaborPress respectfully encourages them to take advantage of this opportunity.

King came out of the streets of the 12th District, was educated in its schools and devoted his working life to his Bronx neighbors. As an active union member, he fought for quality healthcare for all, investigated child abuse and neglect for the Administration for Children’s Services, and founded the Bronx Youth Empowerment Program to help further promote the lives of the community’s greatest assets – its children.

With the well-financed right wing noise machine blaring a constant and steady attack on working men and women, it is imperative that we as voters put someone into elected office who will carry labor’s banner high and never forget the families that are the heart and soul of this city. Andy King has  the talent, intelligence, and drive to fight for the issues that matter most to the community.

Throughout his career, King has demonstrated an outstanding ability to communicate clear and compelling messages, rally support, marshal forces, and most of all, affect change. In 2009, he had the privilege of doing even more for the people of the 12th District and the rest of the City of New York. He didn’t pull it off. This time will be different. This time, Andy King – community organizer and advocate for genuine progressive values – will become the next New York City Councilman representing the 12th District.


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