Publisher’s Note: LaborPress’ Increasing Importance to Lives of Working Men & Women

LP Publisher Neal Tepel (r) with TWU Local 100 President Tony Utano.

New York, NY – LaborPress, a proud union company, is unique. It’s the largest and most popular labor news network in the country. We are a great source for daily labor news and information and every day we tell the story of workers and their issues. As unions and their members come under fire from large businesses, LaborPress becomes more important. 


With our regular features in the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, projects with WOR/IHEART, radio programs on SALEM MEDIA AM970, LaborPress Newsletters, Facebook, Twitter, website, and special events – we have reached millions and continue to expand locally and nationally. Because of our size and reach, we are despised by those that want to eliminate labor organizations. Anti-union groups continue to purchase millions of dollars in media buys to discourage Americans from joining a union. With organizing critical for the future of unions and LaborPress reaching thousands that are interested in joining a union – it’s no accident that anti-union forces want us to disappear. 


At a time when technology is rapidly changing the job market and corporate giants are dominating industries, the need for unions and job protections are critical. Unfortunately, the example of IBEW 3 members in New York City ghting a giant media empire for survival is not the exception. Spectrum’s goal has always been clear. Bust the union and eliminate the health bene ts and pension. Spectrum is so large and in uential in New York State that legislators are powerless to stop a bully from abusing workers that have provided quality services to city residents for years. Amazon, Walmart, Spectrum and Google are examples of companies that have become monopolies that often disregard worker rights. 

LP’s Neal Tepel (standing) with (l to r) #CountMeIn Movement’s Brian Houser, Bernard Callegari and Marvin Tavarez.


When workers unionize they increase their bargaining power in the workplace and are able to negotiate for higher pay and better bene ts. Unions ght for the interests of middle-class households and set a pay standard for all workers. A tremendous advantage for unionized workers continue with the gaining of bene ts – education, pensions, healthcare and vacation time. Through the years’ unions have played a pivotal role in the legislative process, securing health and safety regulations, family/medical leave and much more. Labor organizations have a substantial impact on the compensation and work lives of both unionized and non-unionized workers. The union-backed Fight for $15 movement has successfully pushed states and local governments across the country to raise the minimum wage. 


The future of the middle class is tied to the strength of American labor organizations. Unions are losing ground and the middle class is declining. Inequality has consistently corresponded to the rise and fall of unionization in the United States. We are now in a war for the survival of unions and the middle class. 


LaborPress can always use news stories for our expanding network and we encourage feedback. Please do not hesitate to contact me with comments or suggestions at 646-591-6484 or neal@laborpress. org. And of course – support union media. 


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