Albany, NY – “The federal administration’s decision to allow employers to opt out of providing no-cost birth control to women is disgraceful. This major loophole for employers is a direct assault on women’s rights and shows a callous disregard for the millions of women who rely on birth control for an assortment of critical medical needs.“Instead of advancing women’s rights, this Administration is rolling back a century’s worth of progress for women in this country. This reckless decision, which will undoubtedly come down the hardest on low-income women, is repugnant to everything we know is right and just.

“In New York, we will not allow the progress of the women’s movement to be stopped. This year, we ensured that whatever happens at the federal level, women in our state will continue to have cost-free access to reproductive health care.

“Women deserve complete autonomy over their bodies and reproductive decisions. Make no mistake – in New York, we will always protect a woman’s right to choose.”



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