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…Wishnia February 20, 2021 Unions Hail Biden Rollback of Trump’s Apprenticeship-Lite Program WASHINGTON—Union leaders praised President Joseph Biden’s Feb. 17 executive order rescinding the Trump administration’s creation of “industry recognized…

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…Directory for the Labor Community. In addition to a 50-word description of your company, your organization’s logo will be linked to your online presence. Click here to register your company….

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About LaborPress

…source of daily labor news. Thousands view our articles online, scroll through our E-News, watch our videos and read LaborPress Magazine everyday. Our readership keeps expanding and continues to have…

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Public Employee Pensions Under Attack

…interests include the protection and enhancements of pensions and health benefits and federal, state, or municipal policies or budgets that will impact retirees including cuts to the social safety net….

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Wellness Where It Counts

…a much tougher appeal.  There is no clear picture of what the “New Normal” will be. The U.S. is still reeling from the 120,000 people whose deaths were directly linked…

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