May 28, 2013
By Stephanie West

NYS Plan an Set Up Business Magnets in SUNY Schools
Albany NY – Under Tax-Free NY, Any New Business Will Be Able to Operate Tax Free on a SUNY Campus for Ten Years. Uner "Tax-Free NY," SUNY campuses across the state will attract start-ups, venture capital, new business, and investments from across the world.

"Under Tax-Free NY, communities across Upstate will become a magnet for new businesses, new startups, new venture capital, and new jobs, taking our economic development and job creating efforts to a level never seen before," said Governor Cuomo.

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver said, "Our colleges, universities and community colleges are New York’s greatest competitive advantage and should be the engines that drive our job-creation efforts. Through the Tax Free New York Program, we will transform vacant campus space and land into new jobs and all of the related opportunities that spring up around areas of economic activity.."


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