July 6, 2012

City Comptroller John C. Liu has issued the following statement on the Economic Development Corporation’s (EDC) admission of illegal lobbying of the City Council on behalf of the Mayor’s redevelopment agenda:
“While these revelations of illegal lobbying are alarming, we cannot say that they come as a surprise. For some time, this Mayor has been using the Economic Development Corporation to create ‘Astroturf’ groups to support his agenda, reward allies and dole out welfare to wealthy corporations. While New Yorkers fund the EDC to create jobs – those jobs seldom materialize.”

“The Attorney General’s finding that EDC must re-organize itself provides an opportunity for New Yorkers to take back their agency and create real jobs that sustain our communities.

“New York City’s economic development process is in dire need of greater transparency, accountability, and inclusiveness, something EDC’s current culture fails to provide.”


Comptroller Liu has been an outspoken critic of the EDC, its policies, and the failure of the agency to create jobs – one of its main objectives.  Some links to past statements / audits are below:


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