NEW YORK, NY – New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer, on September 17th, held a town hall style hearing in Harlem regarding the problem of lead-poisoning in children.

The hearing took place at the Frederick Samuel Community Center in Harlem, where over one dozen community leaders, tenant activists, medical professionals, and attorneys joined local residents to deliver testimony regarding  the dangers of lead-poisoning.  The Comptroller has launched an ongoing investigation into how the City works to prevent and address the problem of lead-poisoning in children. Informational hearings will be taking place in every borough.

“This is about hearing the people’s voice – and giving families an opportunity to speak openly about their concerns,” said Comptroller Stringer. “Lead exposure for young children is preventable, but too many of our most vulnerable children remain at risk. As a father, I know that putting any child in harm’s way would be a nightmare. As Comptroller, I’ll leave no stone unturned as we investigate what our City government is doing to protect all of our children. Nothing is more important than protecting the children in our city.”

At the beginning of September, Comptroller Stringer also launched a family support hotline to get firsthand feedback from families affected by this challenge. HOTLINE: 212-669-4088.


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