NEW YORK, NY – According to a recent poll conducted with Long Island and New York City residents, Americans are still concerned about the future economics of the country. The poll was conducted March 12-13, with a total of 1,030 participants over the age of 18.

Issues as pensions, healthcare and job security remain a concern of New Yorkers. With a rapidly changing job market and instability at the Whitehouse many New Yorkers are  viewing the future of the country  with concern. Fuelling the nerviousness of the middle class is the recent tax cut for the rich. Only 29 percent of those surveyed felt the tax cut will make the country better. Most respondents believe the economy will worsen as a result of this initiative. Despite a robust stock market and strong job numbers, New Yorkers still view the economy precariously

Edward Summers, a fellow at the Hornstein Center, related the tax issue question to the recent special congressional election in Pennsylvania. “If Americans do not think the economy is improving, do not feel economically secure and do not believe the tax bill will improve the economy, the Republicans will have great difficulty winning elections on this issue. If the Republican playbook is to run on the economy this fall, they will either need to dramatically change Americans’ perceptions or draw up some new plays,” Summers said.


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