July 23, 2014
By Stephanie West

Las Vegas, Nevada – The NAACP unanimously passed a resolution Tuesday July 15th at its convention in Las Vegas supporting fast-food workers’ historic fight for $15 and a union.

Terrance Wise, a 35-year-old Kansas City Burger King worker and father of three, attended the convention on behalf of the fast-food workers’ campaign. He said:
“My fiancée and I want to teach our children that, in America, as long as you work hard, you can get ahead. But our children watch us go to work each day only to come home to eviction notices, shut-off notices, and bare cupboards. The civil rights movement taught us what to do when our nation defaults on a promise. Straighten your back, stand together, and fight for justice. With the NAACP in our corner, we know we can win.”
This is just the latest sign that the NAACP stands with fast-food workers fighting for $15 and a union. Since the campaign launched in November 2012, leaders of the organization and its local chapters have joined workers on strike lines and at rallies and protests across the country.


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