November 21, 2012
LaborPress Editorial

The word has gotten out about the viral strikes happening at Walmart. Walmart even held late-night mandatory meetings for all store associates to threaten that "there could be consequences" if employees did not report for work on Black Friday. This is clearly illegal and continues to demonstrate the bravery of the workers and why you and I need to back them up.

In major cities, in rural towns, and in nearly every state, workers are standing up to Walmart to say they will not be intimidated. On Friday, they will demand an end to the retaliation they face for speaking out about unacceptable working conditions.

Can you join them this Friday? Find out the details and sign up to join your local rally:

This is the moment where we need to show up in full force as loudly as we can to make sure that the media and the Walton family know that millions of people across the country are standing with Walmart workers.


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