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LaborPress TV

New York, NY—Several bike share workers represented by the Transport Workers Union Local 100 passed out literature outside Moynihan Station on Monday morning to tell the public that they haven’t received the wages they were promised by New York City Bike Share.

Brooklyn, NY—That’s what the head of Transport Workers Union Local 100 seemed to be asking when we asked him why a bus driver was arrested for striking a pedestrian last week when the union claims there is a stipulation in the Vision Zero legislation that exempts city employees from criminal charges when moving vehicles strike pedestrians by accident.

New York, NY—The Teamsters Joint Council 16, along with environmental and community-based groups, rallied at City Hall last week to provide support for Councilmember Antonio Reynoso’s legislation that would equalize garbage disposal among different communities throughout the city. But the Laborers say the legislation, Intro. 495, is a job killer.

New York, NY—It’s not as popular as calls for wealth redistribution, but garbage redistribution is nonetheless a major issue that a variety of groups including environmental and labor called on the city to do on a frigid day on City Hall’s steps.

Central Park, NY—It’s already more than two months since Councilmember Daniel Dromm introduced legislation that would eventually ban the horse carriage industry here, but that didn’t stop carriage horse drivers from transporting through Central Park some of the world’s top models wearing fashion designer Viktor Luna’s wares to kick off Fashion Week.

New York, NY—The approximately 70 staff members represented by the Legal Services Staff Association entered this week still picketing MFY Legal Services on 299 Broadway because management didn’t propose a counteroffer over the weekend.

New York, NY—Staff attorneys working for MFY Legal Services and represented by the United Automobile Workers walked the picket line for the fourth day before both sides return to the bargaining table on Friday.

Queens, NY—That’s what the president of an insulator local in Long Island City said in a video interview as the insulators with the Heat & Frost Insulators Local 12 begin training in their brand new 25,000 square-foot training center.

New York, NY—Icicles were falling dangerously close to the different labor and community groups that protested outside Governor Andrew Cuomo’s offices on Third Avenue on Monday but said it’s worth the stretch because the governor’s budget does more for rich folk than ordinary folk.

New York, NY—The United Federation of Teachers participated with a bevy of organizations outside Governor Cuomo’s offices on Monday despite the harsh winter to protest his budget on what’s being billed as Moral Mondays.

New York, NY—The Teamsters’ national president James Hoffa traveled to New York last week in under three hours via the Amtrak Acela high-speed train to make it in time to swear in Local 237’s incumbent president, Greg Floyd, to another five year term.

New York, NY—As soon as Mayor Bill de Blasio announced new municipal identification cards for mostly undocumented immigrants, Amalgamated Bank was one of three banks to accept the new ID cards as proof of legitimate documentation so that immigrant workers could more easily bank.

New York, NY—One day after the Teamsters Union and the attorney for the Southern District of New York filed an application with a chief judge in the district requesting an end of decades of government oversight of the union, their president traveled to New York to swear in the winning slate of Local 237, the biggest Teamsters union in the country.

Brooklyn, NY—That’s what the president of the state’s second largest union said in an exclusive video interview as the state recently notified members with the Public Employees Federation that it wants to reclassify their positions as “non-union.”

New York, NY—The president of the Heat & Frost Insulators Local 12 participated in the climate forum hosted by the Alliance for a Greater New York on Tuesday and said that an effective, but often overlooked, way to reduce New York City’s carbon footprint is ensuring that mechanical insulation is installed in the city’s building stock’s mechanical systems. 

New York, NY—Organized labor and their allies in the community hosted a climate conference at 32BJ SEIU’s offices on Tuesday where an AFL-CIO executive director said the only way for the country to overcome the job crisis is to create jobs that, at the same time they pay living wages, they also protect the climate. 

New York, NY—Many different groups, talking heads and editorial boards are voicing their opinions about how New York should spend the $5 billion it derived from settlements with big financial institutions stemming from their role in the financial crash of 2008. The state comptroller believes the money would be well spent on the state’s aging infrastructure. 

Brooklyn, NY—The lead organizer for the Transport Workers Union’s bikeshare initiative said in the accompanying video that bikeshare workers in Boston and Chicago shrugged off a vicious anti-union campaign by the notorious union-avoidance law firm Jackson Lewis and voted to join the union. 

New York, NY—After Mayor Bill de Blasio and the head of the principals’ union, Ernest Logan, announced a nine-year contract, Mr. Logan told his members in the accompanying video at the union’s 47th annual conference that school leaders are in a pivotal movement as the whole country watches to see whether public education can endure.

New York, NY—After announcing that the city and the principals union had reached a new contract, Mayor Bill de Blasio said in the accompanying video that only experienced public educators can lead the reform of public education in New York City.

New York, NY—That’s what the president of a Teamsters local said at City Hall on Monday as a bevy of private sector unions, along with several councilmembers, threw their support behind the Teamsters to try to save New York City’s horse carriage industry.

New York, NY—Just before the president of the principals union, Ernest Logan, introduced Mayor Bill de Blasio to speak to the union’s 47th annual conference, he informed his members that they have a new contract with the City, prompting loud applause.

New York, NY—As airport and fast food workers rallied outside City Hall after marching along Chambers Street on a national day of action calling for higher wages, the president of a public sector union said in the accompanying video that many of his members are also earning less than $15 an hour.

Both airport and fast food workers said they’re tired of low pay as they marched along Chambers Street to rally at City Hall on a day where their colleagues in 190 cities across the country struck for higher pay.

That’s what Councilmember Daniel Dromm said in the accompanying video after a press conference organized by an animal rights group one day after it was reported that the de Blasio administration is drafting a bill that wouldn’t renew horse carriage licenses when they come due in May 2016.

New York, NY—That’s what some Teamsters said at Central Park South the morning after news broke that the de Blasio administration is drafting legislation to be introduced by Councilmember Daniel Dromm to ban horse carriages from navigating New York City’s streets.

That’s what Councilmember Costa Constantinides said outside City Hall in the accompanying video interview as he was joined by fellow councilmembers and organized labor to celebrate the green-lighting of the Astoria Cove project by the Council’s Land Use Committee a couple of weeks ago.

New York, NY—That’s what the U.S. Senator from New York, Charles Schumer, said in the rotunda at City Hall on Monday evening in the accompanying video interview while a statue of George Washington loomed overhead.

New York, NY—The firefighters union blasted the City Council on Wednesday for holding public hearings about whether to raise taxes on plastic grocery bags while ignoring a hearing on increasing disability payments for new firefighters who get hurt on the job.

New York, NY—That’s what Assemblyman Keith Wright said outside City Hall on Tuesday as he was joined by a bevy of city and state elected officials and pro-tenant advocates as they gear up for the legislative battle against the Republican-led State Senate to preserve strong rent regulation laws in the city.

New York, NY—The long anticipated City Council hearing to learn more details about Mayor Bill de Blasio’s affordable housing plan on Monday proved “squishy” as the commissioner of the housing agency couldn’t provide exact numbers on the number of units targeted for preservation.

New York, NY—A collaboration between the City and a physicians’ network is making it easy for the City’s more than 300,000 public employees to stay healthy by providing easy access to the flu shot.

New York, NY—The building trades and its president Gary LaBarbera protested last month near City Hall to say that the City Council should red-light the Astoria Cove project unless the developer built it with union labor. On Wednesday afternoon the Land Use Committee chaired by Councilman David Greenfield green-lighted the project with modifications. 

New York, NY—The Public Advocate warned that unless the city takes a more direct role in shaping how development proceeds, New York City’s shrinking middle class will evaporate. 

New York, NY—Donald Taylor, UNITEHERE!’s president, said that if the Democrats are going to compromise on ObamaCare to prevent its repeal when Republicans take over the Senate in January then they should stop taxing organized labor’s multi-employer funds, known as Taft-Hartley health funds, as a compromise with organized labor. 

New York, NY—Union members in the public and private sector were fanning out across the city on Election Day to volunteer for their endorsed candidates. On Manhattan’s West Side, the Hotel Trades Council and the Teamsters were putting their political muscle to work for the Andrew Cuomo and Kathy Hochul ticket.

New York, NY—Four years ago the Alliance for a Greater New York was formed when New York Jobs and Justice and Urban Agenda combined their resources to continue the work for economic and social justice. The alliance’s executive director, Matt Ryan, says the organization today is focused squarely on the twin crises of income inequality and climate change.

New York, NY—That’s what Juseg Reynoso told us in a video interview at Union Square recently when we asked him why almost 200 bike share employees are looking to organize with Transport Workers Union Local 100.

New York, NY—The decision by Alta Bicycle Share to opt out in October of voluntarily recognizing Transport Workers Union Local 100 as the union to represent over 200 Citi Bike employees isn’t stopping the local from launching a national organizing drive to represent Bikeshare workers.

Brooklyn, NY—In an interview immediately following a rally outside Woodhull Medical Center, the president of the Doctors Council SEIU, said that the council has been trying to engage the Health and Hospital Corporation for a new contract but that their efforts are falling on deaf ears.

Jersey City, NJ—The New Jersey chapter of the AFL-CIO, along with New Jersey elected officials, debut the state’s first labor-led immigration support center in the state that will help Hudson County’s 93,000 legal immigrants obtain legal citizenship.

New York, NY—The Green Party candidate running to be New York’s next governor said at a presser in Greenwich Village on Monday morning that both public and private-sector unions would be willing to officially endorse his candidacy if the Greens were clocking double-digit poll numbers.

Brooklyn, NY—The energy giant National Grid told TWU Local 101 during contract negotiations, ‘You can keep your healthcare, but we want a five-year wage freeze.’ The company threatened a lockout without the wage freeze, but the local was able to put the wage freeze on ice.

New York, NY—Deputy Mayor for Housing and Economic Development, Alicia Glen, said at a forum on Thursday morning that the Bill de Blasio administration wants to make sure that New York City remains commercially vibrant for a long time by building smart, while recognizing that the city has an aging infrastructure.

New York, NY—New York University recently won a favorable court decision to rebuild its Washington Square campus for $6 billion, but it doesn’t want to pay its graduate employees over at the Polytechnic campus in Brooklyn a living wage.

New York, NY—CUNY professors have been teaching and researching without a contract since October 2010. That’s why they rallied on Tuesday night at the Community Church of New York on East 35th Street before marching past Governor Andrew Cuomo’s offices on Third Avenue and concluding at CUNY’s Welcome Center on 42nd Street.

New York, NY—The showdown over whether to approve or disprove Alma Realty’s proposal to develop the Queens waterfront made its way to the City Council on Monday. During the hearing many council members expressed concern that the proposal doesn’t include enough affordable units for low- to moderate-income folk.

Staten Island, NY—Working conditions at the E-ZPass facility have been going from bad to worse as customer service representatives rallied here over the weekend to build support for a new contract with Xerox.

New York, NY—On Thursday labor advocates released a new report describing how Walmart’s business model is hurting both the national and New York City’s economy. After announcing the report at City Hall, low-wage workers staged a protest outside Ann Walton’s new $25 million condo.

New York, NY—The building trades were out in force outside City Hall on Wednesday afternoon because they want the City Council to deny a real estate developer from developing Astoria Cove unless the developer agrees to hiring union members that includes living wages.

New York, NY—Jerome Thompson was a Cablevision employee for 11 years before he was fired in late August because he reportedly used the word “slavery” during a meeting to describe the poor treatment of Cablevision technicians. At City Hall on Tuesday afternoon, supported by elected officials, he said he wants his job back.

New York, NY—On Thursday evening, October 2, 2014 EmblemHealth and LaborPress presented awards to 12 union member honorees for their incredible contributions to New York City. This was the third annual heroes of labor awards ceremony, and for the first time they presented a special tribute award to honor the legacy of a late union president.

New York, NY—With less than four weeks to go before voters go to the polls to elect their representatives for the State Senate, the Working Families Party held a get-out-the-vote rally where they impressed upon their members that if their endorsed candidates don’t win, the progressive agenda in Albany will peter out.

New York, NY—With less than four weeks to go and running neck to neck against incumbent Republican Congressman Michael Grimm, Domenic Recchia picked up a crucial endorsement from AFSCME DC 37, the city’s largest public sector union.

New York, NY—One day before said reporter’s birthday in August, female school safety agents represented by Teamsters’ Local 237 learned from Mayor Bill de Blasio and their president, Greg Floyd, that they would be receiving the same pay as their male colleagues because the city settled a four-year old pay equity lawsuit.

New York, NY—After replacing a unionized subcontractor with an in-house nonunion workforce almost 11 years ago, the National Labor Relations Board ruled recently that CNN must reinstate technicians and broadcast engineers with the Communications Workers of America. But CNN wants to appeal the decision in a federal district court.

New York, NY—On Manhattan’s West End another residential building is going up, but it’ll stand out from competing towers in the skyline because this one, the Riverside Center, is being funded by the AFL-CIO.

Brooklyn, NY—Six days after N.Y.U. Langone Medical Center pulled out of an agreement to run Long Island College Hospital in Brooklyn Heights, nurses with the New York State Nurses Association demanded that N.Y.U. follow through on a promise to restore ambulance services.

Queens, NY—After 22 years, passenger agents working for American Airlines just won representation with the Communications Workers of America. Liz Puente-Almodozar has been working as an airport reservation agent for almost 33 years at JFK Airport, first for TWA and then American Airlines. She said it was a long struggle, but she and her co-workers never gave up.

New York, NY—In what was billed as the biggest march ever for the climate, thousands of New York labor union members marched with thousands of others here on Sunday to demand that world leaders take meaningful action this week at the United Nations to reduce greenhouse gases.

Port Chester, NY—Communications Workers of America Local 1033 and the Don Bosco Workers, Inc. worker center announced the start of a new campaign to put an end to rampant wage theft in this solidly working-class, immigrant community.

Union City, NY—After six months of negotiations with Alaris Health and informational pickets, 1199SEIU certified nursing assistants went out on strike at four facilities in New Jersey on Monday. On Wednesday they held a major rally where they were joined by leading New Jersey pols.

New York, NY—Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton appeared at the United Federation of Teachers on Tuesday evening to commemorate the thirteenth anniversary of 9/11 and help raise awareness of the Zadroga 9/11 Health & Compensation Act’s impending expiration in 2016, unless Congress acts.

New York, NY—An impressive panel of labor leaders and workers advocates, and the New York State comptroller Thomas DiNapoli, convened at 32BJ SEIU last Thursday evening to speak about the consequences of sweatshop labor that major retailers such as H & M, the Gap and Levi Strauss & Co. rely on to stock their stores.

New York, NY—Last Monday The Murphy Institute revealed in a new report, Short Shifted, how major retailers such as H & M, Victoria’s Secret and Bath & Body Works are using technology and scheduling practices that are keeping retail workers in part-time limbo, underemployed and ultimately underpaid.

New York, NY—New York’s labor movement marched up 5th Avenue on Saturday to celebrate the nation’s Labor Day holiday, and they were joined by Governor Andrew Cuomo and his primary challenger Zephyr Teachout.

New York, NY—Worker advocates at City Hall on Friday implored the public who might have worked at the World Trade Center site to help with the rescue, recovery and cleanup efforts after the 9/11 attacks to register with the New York State Workers’ Compensation Board before the 13th anniversary of 9/11 or else forgo future compensation benefits.

Times Square, NY—Fast food workers took to the streets here on Thursday to demand multi-billion fast food companies start paying them higher wages.

Central Park, NY—Fashion week kicked off on Wednesday evening here with runway models parading through the park on horse-drawn carriages. Teamster officials with Joint Council 16 escorted the models to the carriages as anti-horse carriage advocates hounded them.

New York, NY—About 50 building workers protested outside 520 West 23rd Street on Thursday, August 28, 2014 because they say that the residential condo board’s refusal to recognize their union of choice reflects the growing gentrification of the Chelsea neighborhood where building owners and developers aren’t paying living wages and benefits.

New York, NY—Fast food workers, elected officials and political candidates who are part of the Raise Up NY coalition called for allowing New York City to set its own minimum wage here at City Hall on Thursday, August 28, 2014.

Harlem, NY—Assemblyman Keith Wright was here on Wednesday with Mayor Bill de Blasio at the Lincoln Houses public housing complex where the Mayor announced the removal of 30,000 feet of unused scaffolding in order to reduce crime. The assemblyman said the city needs about $1 billion to bolster the city housing authority’s capital and operating needs.

Brooklyn, NY—Schools safety agents with Teamsters Local 237 had a lot to celebrate here, three years after they filed a pay equity lawsuit and almost four years working under an expired labor contract.

New York, NY—You can spot Ronald McDonald on the roof of a McDonald’s restaurant on 56th Street and 8th Avenue where he seems to be meditating over whether to or not to increase wages for fast food workers.

Harlem, NY—The building trades marched here with affordable housing activists on Wednesday evening to demand that the de Blasio administration follow through on building affordable housing with living wages.

New York, NY—About 30 1199SEIU healthcare workers picketed outside the NYPD’s police academy on East 20th Street and 3rd Avenue on Tuesday because they’ve been working for the New York Blood Center without a labor contract since June.

New York, NY—At City Hall on Tuesday morning former El Diario staff demanded that El Diario rehire them after the company fired eight veteran journalists in the spring citing economic reasons. But the Newspaper Guild representing writers and editors said the company is trying to bust the union.

New York, NY—The state’s labor federation decided not to endorse a candidate for the upcoming November gubernatorial election here at its bi-annual convention at the New York Sheraton.

New York, NY—Tradesmen here protested outside WeWork’s offices on Broadway on Thursday because they say the company is paying low wages and not adhering to prevailing wages.

Brooklyn, NY—Workers with Build Up NYC were to give out survival kits to Brooklyn Bridge Park Board members just before a meeting on the Brooklyn Bridge Park project was to begin at Borough Hall.

New York, NY—That’s what the training director of Local 94 of the International Union of Operating Engineers said when asked about what advice he should give to anyone considering maintaining and operating some of New York City’s tallest buildings.

New York, NY—They keep them standing tall by operating energy-efficient equipment that makes the city’s newer buildings some of the most energy efficient buildings in the world. We learned that first-hand when we interviewed on camera Kuba Brown, president of the International Union of Operating Engineers, Local 94, at the union’s training center on Manhattan’s West Side. 

New York, NY—Intercity passenger rail customers told LaborPress outside Moynihan Station on 8th Avenue and 33rd Street that New York City, and the country, deserves high- speed rail.

New York, NY—With one week to go before labor contracts with the Metropolitan Opera expire, cleaners, ushers and ticket takers protested outside the Met on Thursday evening management’s threat of a lockout should negotiations falter.

Jersey City, NJ—Avery Eisenreich is a multimillionaire and CEO of Alaris Health, which made over $40 million in profit in 2012, is refusing to bargain in good faith with 450 care caregivers, according to their union 1199SEIU Healthcare Workers East.

Staten Island, NY—While right-wing think tanks and pundits continue to whine over ObamaCare, the president of a physicians-led health care organization said that because of the Affordable Care Act more residents in the nearby community are seeking treatment at his facility.

New York, NY—Working folk at Penn Station told LaborPress on Wednesday that they would have had very few options to travel if there was no railroad service over the weekend. On Friday they rejoiced that the MTA and the Long Island Railroad unions reached a tentative agreement with Governor Andrew Cuomo’s help.

New York, NY—Penn Station commuters told LaborPress on Tuesday that Governor Andrew Cuomo should intervene in the negotiations between the MTA and the Long Island Railroad unions to prevent a strike from starting on Saturday. The governor announced a tentative deal at his Manhattan offices on Thursday afternoon.

New York, NY—With less than four days to go before 5,000 Long Island Railroad workers go on strike, LIRR commuters said they hope that Governor Andrew Cuomo steps in to help resolve the impasse between the MTA and the unions.

Babylon, NY—The head of the Long Island Railroad unions accused the MTA of provoking a strike so that is can break the unions representing over 5,000 workers on the railroad.

New York, NY—The MTA and LIRR unions resumed negotiations in New York on Thursday, one day after the MTA’s CEO went to Congress in Washington, D.C. asking Congress not to impose settlement terms that the MTA insists would benefit union members. After the meeting, the two leaders of the MTA and unions told the press they are still negotiating the union’s counter-proposal. 

New York, NY—The showdown between the MTA and LIRR unions continued on Tuesday as both organizations told the press after a meeting in Midtown that no agreement has been reached. In fact, the MTA’s CEO, Thomas Prendergast, wasn’t even at the meeting because he’s heading to Washington, D.C. on Wednesday asking for Congress to intervene in the negotiations. 

Newark, NJ—It was back in January when Patrick Foye, executive director of the Port Authority, ordered airlines to raise workers immediately. Six months later some of the airlines have complied, but United Airlines hasn’t, and may even plan to oppose the mandate.

Newark, NJ—Ras Baraka was inaugurated as Newark’s 40th Mayor outside the New Jersey Performing Arts Center. He got emotional when a reporter asked him about what he’s feeling as Newark’s newest mayor. He said that his policies in his first 100 days in office would be dedicated to the people of Newark. 

Newark, NJ—Newark Schools Superintendent Cami Anderson’s contract was renewed by state officials on Friday, prompting ministers, parents and community leaders to rally outside City Hall calling for her resignation. One Newark clergyman said that the re-hiring by the state amounts to union busting. 

Harlem, NY—New York Hotel Trades Council and their family members haven’t had to worry about a lack of health insurance for 65 years, long before the Affordable Care Act took effect. 

New York, NY—Two labor leaders from Mexico visiting New York City on Tuesday said in a video interview that working conditions for Mexico’s working class is going from bad to worse as many of them can’t afford the cars they are producing for foreign automakers. 

New York, NY—The president of the AFL-CIO, Rich Trumka, was in town last week at The Worker Institute where he said labor would love to have a massive media network that rivals the influence of Fox News on working Americans. 

Trenton, NJ—An Acela train sped by at almost 160 mph as we reported on the soon-to-expire Highway Trust Fund. To keep the Acela trains running at that speed, Congress has to authorize President Obama’s $300 billion transportation infrastructure plan. With the Highway Trust Fund set to expire, New York City Councilman Daneek Miller recently issued a resolution for the City Council to adopt calling on Congress to act.

Trenton, NJ—A coalition of unions, politicians and national organizations kicked of a campaign to win earn sick days for many of New Jersey’s lowest-paid workers.  

At the press conference near the statehouse Senator Loretta Weinberg told the media that New Jersey’s economy is not doing as well as compared to its neighbors as she criticized some of Governor Chris Christie’s economic policies.

Trenton, NJ—Union leaders from AFSCME and RWDSU in New Jersey, along with the NAACP and NOW, criticized Governor Chris Christie for giving away almost $4 billion to some of the country’s most profitable corporations. 

Babylon, New York—Long Island Railroad workers and their president took exception to yesterday’s New York Post Op-Ed written by the Manhattan Institute’s Nicole Gelinas who said that LIRR workers are millionaires because they get pension benefits for life. LIRR workers had a good laugh when they read Ms. Gelinas’ piece. 

New York, NY—Richard Trumka on Friday at The Worker Institute said that he hoped when Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker visited New York on Monday that he would be greeted with the same warmth that the Governor provided to the workers in his state. Well, New York City’s labor movement gave him a warm welcome when he showed up on Monday outside the Union League Club.

New York, NY—Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is coming to New York on Monday to help Republican gubernatorial hopeful Rob Astorino raise money to take on Governor Andrew Cuomo in the fall. Two New York City Councilmen and AFL-CIO president, Richard Trumka, said they’re looking forward to Walker’s visit.

New York, NY—About 25,000 union members will be going to the polls on June 16 to vote for either the incumbent Santos Crespo of Local 372 or his challengers. The opposition is claiming that Mr. Crespo isn’t eligible to run because he took a buyout from the city, but Crespo says he is eligible.

Union City, NJ–About 120 1199SEIU workers protested outside the Alaris Health facility here on Monday because they say that management is dragging their feet to reach a new labor contract. They also say that while they have job-provided health benefits for themselves, their families do not get healthcare coverage from Alaris.

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