November 4, 2011

LaborPress is proud to endorse Mike Ryan in the race to become Staten Island District Attorney. We are in good company: Nearly 40 unions have endorsed Mike Ryan in his campaign  — from ironworkers to airline pilots.
On Election Day, November 8, Ryan will run as a Conservative Democrat and a traditional law and order candidate against incumbent District Attorney Daniel Donovan. “The working men and women of labor want what every Islander wants: for themselves and their families to be able to get to and from work and school in safety and security,” said Ryan.

While many types of crime became less common in Staten Island, some violent crimes have made a disturbing comeback with 63 rapes in 2010, more than twice the number in 2000. There were also 17 murders, up a third from 2000. Serious crime persists on the Island, from shootings in the North to prescription drug abuse in the South.

Meanwhile, the incumbent spent a significant amount of time campaigning to become New York State Attorney General, a race he lost in 2010.

Workers have suffered from this neglect. Since the incumbent took the job of District Attorney in 2004, his office has failed to prosecute a single violation of prevailing wage law. The incumbent’s office has also failed to prosecute a single assault on a transit worker in the last eight years. Ryan promises to do better, which is one reason Ryan has the support of unions that represent construction workers and transit workers — and many more.


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