Healthplex is excited to announce the return of two key employees.  After a few years away, Joni Howe and Natalie Cuchel have returned to the company they call home.  With Joni and Natalie’s return, Healthplex is poised to continue and build upon the commitment it made to NYS Labor Unions over 40 years ago when the company was founded by Drs. Kane and Cuchel.  Today, with nearly three million members, Healthplex is proud to be a Union shop and is grateful to New York’s community of Labor Unions for helping it become the business it is.  For Healthplex, the labor world is not just a market niche, it is the foundation upon which the company was built.  Healthplex believes that the people who work the hardest for us every day deserve the very best benefits and service available.  Joni and Natalie work 24/7 to make sure you get the very best out of every benefit dollar you spend.

In their absence, Healthplex had several years of changing leadership and started to lose its deep connection to its core beliefs – trust, service, value, and loyalty.  Fortunately the amazing Account Services Team was there working tirelessly to maintain the highest of standard for all of our loyal clients.  Tim Kelly, Ed Lynch, Dora Ayala, and Marianne Raab held down the fort for three years during challenging time.  Healthplex and all of our clients are so grateful for their service.  And now, this amazing team of four is back under the leadership of Joni and Natalie and also have Healthplex’s long -term COO, Chris Schmidt, in his new position as CEO steering the ship.

With all new leadership in place, Healthplex is back to basics and so much more!  As always, you can still get the same low cost/high value networks and dental plans that Healthplex has always offered and is known for.  And now you can also get the same larger regional and national networks and all of the plan options that the market has to offer.

For those who know Joni and Natalie (most of you!), you know that they work tirelessly to get every group the best benefit for the dollar.  And for those of you who don’t know them, it’s time you do.   Their names are synonymous with Healthplex.  And Healthplex is synonymous with value and service.


1 thought on “Joni and Natalie back together again… And Healthplex is better than ever!”

  1. Good luck and all the Best. A great place to work loving working there. Retired after 18 years and moved to Florida.

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