Hudson Yards A Go

October 19, 2012
Around Town by Neal Tepel

Hudson Yards development has begun and the project will change that area of the West Side of Manhattan forever. The infrastructure improvements and rezoning upgrades completed have paved the way for work to begin on the first phase of Related’s 12.5 million square foot, mixed-use project. Besides huge residential and commercial development, the area will emergence as a world center of arts and culture. The inclusion of the Culture Shed which will house a variety of flexible gallery spaces for visual arts and performance programs for theater and music will add a unique dimension to the neighborhood.

The MTA was nearing completion of the #7 subway extension, capable of carrying 30,000 peak hour passengers to the doorstep of Hudson Yards when fully built. The Hudson Yards Development Corporation has also acquired all of the land needed to build a major new park and boulevard that will ultimately extend from 33rd Street to 39th Street between 10th and 11th Avenues. Infrastructure work is underway for construction of the park.

Richard T. Anderson, Building Congress President said, “Related’s commitment to begin construction at Hudson Yards is an important milestone for Manhattan’s newest neighborhood.  Thanks to a combination of zoning, public infrastructure investment and private development, the City will see the creation of thousands of new jobs and a significant expansion of its economy.”


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