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Franklin Rx Pharmacy Debuts Special Freezers to Store COVID-19 Vaccines

Franklin Rx Pharmacy has a strong unionized customer base.

Long Island, NY – Franklin Rx Pharmacy is a modern 21st Century drugstore  in Hempstead, L.I., that has risen to the challenge of COVID-19 throughout the pandemic, and is now making preparations to distribute vaccines to combat the coronavirus.

“My whole vision and goal are to change the future of pharmaceutical health care one step at a time,” says Jonathan Mordechaev, CEO of Franklin RX Pharmacy.  “We are a privately-owned pharmacy. We provide delivery services for medication. Our specialty is injured individuals.”

Franklin Rx Pharmacy provides auto accident prescriptions. It helps to get its patients the most affordable medications. It works with attorneys to help those seeking workers compensation to speed up the process of pharmaceutical coverage. Unlike other pharmacies, Franklin Rx Pharmacy specializes in complex workers compensation and no fault claims.  It also helps patients by going over their insurance coverage for medications so they will have expedient pharmaceutical coverage.

“If something doesn’t get covered by their insurance, we try to keep the patient informed,” said Mordechaev.

Franklin Rx Pharmacy has remained fully operational since the start of the pandemic.

“We have been providing our service for our patients and most of them don’t want to come out of their homes because they are afraid of waiting on long congested lines at bigger chain pharmacies,” said Mordechaev. “They don’t get that personalized attention that they deserve.”

Digitally, the pharmacy has built up its communication with patients, following up with them to ensure they are getting the best care possible, including getting their medications on time and syncing refills promptly, according to the CEO.

“We make sure nothing gets missed out on, in terms of certain medications not interacting with one another,” Mordechaev says. “We have a designated team to take care of all of this, and we also do the legwork for their injury medication. We know it’s important that they receive their medication as soon as possible, which often doesn’t happen in other pharmacies.”

Franklin Rx Pharmacy CEO Jonathan Mordechaev.

A key factor of Franklin Rx Pharmacy is educating patients on how to maintain their medications and how to organize them for the right time of day so it is the most effective when they take it.

“When people are ill and have multiple diseases like diabetes, hypertension, and/or cholesterol, they usually take most of their medication in one shot, most frequently in the morning,” said Mordechaev. “It is not meant to be taken all together — patients should have one tablet in the morning, and one in the afternoon by lunchtime or bedtime. It varies.”

The pharmacy has taken extra precautions to protect both its customers and its workers during the ongoing Coronavirus crisis.

“We double-pack all of our medication, we make sure the patients are aware of the delivery. It is contactless delivery — everything is electronic, even the signature,” says Mordechaev. “Our drivers take extra precautions.”

Many Franklin Rx Pharmacy patrons are also union members.  

“We try to make sure our patients have a hassle-free process when we give them medications,” says Mordachaev. “They work different jobs and some work in different unions, so it is very hard for them to receive their medications, or often times they have to wait because things don’t get covered in the pharmacy so, it is just a wasted trip.”

Franklin Rx Pharmacy has a robust inventory. 

“We communicate with a patient’s doctor,” Mordechaev says. “If something is not covered, we start an authorization process, or we work to switch it out.”

Franklin Rx Pharmacy also delivers to surgical sites if that is more convenient for its patients.  

“Right now people are living a stressful life,” says Mordechaev. “Wherever the patient prefers, that is where we deliver.”

Franklin Rx Pharmacy is also prepared for the COVID-19 vaccine whenever it goes on the market.  

“We were actually doing COVID-19 testing at the pharmacy at one point,” said Mordechaev. “We actually got special freezers to store the vaccine as well. They have to be at a specific temperature. As soon as it comes to the market we will be there to vaccinate as many people as possible, initiating with essential workers and union members.”

Mordechaev believes the purpose of Franklin Rx is to make the pharmaceutical process as simple as possible and strives to develop a personalized relationship with its patrons.

“We try to get everything done for the patient within 24 hours,” says Mordechaev.  “We keep the patient notified at all times.”

Franklin Rx is located at 98 North Franklin Street in Nassau County. It services the tri-state area and is expanding its coverage area in the near future.

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