September 4, 2014
By Neal Tepel

Washington,  DC –  The fast food industry continues to lower standards, take advantage of workers and avoid paying taxes. Burger King is now pulling a whopper on American taxpayers. The King has announced a merger with Canadian chain Tim Hortons. 

The press announcement has mentioned the company's planned  "relocation" of  corporate headquarters to Canada. This will allow Burger King to legally avoid paying U.S. taxes.  The merger will create the world's 3rd largest fast food entire. This corporate giant is following the lead of many other american companies that use federal laws and an inept Congress to avoid paying taxes to the country that made them millions.

Burger King pays poverty wages forcing  employees to rely on food stamps just to survive. Federal programs subsidize this corporate U.S. Giant. Burger King will continue to run their fast food empire here in the U.S. –  and side-step U.S. taxes by using a Canadian home address.


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