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Drain the Trump Swamp

This was certainly a memorable Memorial Day with a virus shutting down the nation and the world.

No one person can be blamed for this COVID-19 from going viral. But there is plenty of blame directed at President Donald Trump for not putting in place measures to stop the virus from spreading throughout this nation early enough. Is a state or city able to detect and track a virus that began in China, moved on to Europe, and eventually spread to our West Coast and New York? Do cities have a Centers for Disease Control to detect such things. No, they don’t.

Can anyone tell me just what our national policy is for fighting COVID-19? Is there any national coordination?  We are the only country among the developed countries without either of those things. It is no wonder we are number one in deaths and in numbers of people contracting the virus. We also are the only developed country to have a for profit health care system and not universal coverage for all.

President Trump states that “It is the states’ responsibility” to fight COVID. However, the United States is at war with the virus with no national policy. If New York or New Jersey were invaded by Chinese or Russian troops just whose responsibility would it be to fight that war?

My brother was an admirer of Franklin D. Roosevelt who (whether you like him or not) did lead us out of a depression, and World War II against the Nazi’s and other fascists. He didn’t do it by invoking a “states’ rights” and “Federalism” approach. We united as a nation. He invoked powers forcing corporations to retool in order to make weapons to save our democracy. The government passed laws protecting working people and giving them things like union rights, unemployment insurance and Social Security. We had universal childcare paid for by the government throughout WWII. All this to fight a two-front war: Economic Depression and Nazism.

In January and February, President Trump totally ignored information from our intelligence services regarding the spread of COVID-19 throughout Europe and Asia. He cut back CDC the past three years so this critical operation became non-functional. In March he totally dismantled the federal Pandemic Response Team. He told Americans they can drink disinfectant to stop the virus and use a dangerous drug proven not to be effective in fighting the disease. He and Moscow Mitch McConnell held up the passage of stimulus money earmarked for small businesses and states. Our President prefers to play golf on Memorial Day Weekend rather than work on projects that would help Americans stay safe so they can return to their jobs.

I am sure the citizens of this great country did not intend for billions of federal subsidies to find their way to wealthy corporations while small businesses go broke. Clearly, it’s time for a change in leadership at the top of our federal government. People need to vote for a change in DC. Let’s drain that swamp!

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3 thoughts on “Drain the Trump Swamp”

  1. Paula J Hoffman

    Your article is so inaccurate. He said he would tell the states what to do, but the left was outraged because they said he didn’t have the authority. So, as the states requested, he left it up to the governors. You liberals cannot have it both ways. The funds cut from the CDC are wasted dollars.

    Here’s the truth –
    The CDC, however, told independent, nonprofit website last week that claims such as those from Schumer and Murphy are not true, insisting that the hypothetical cuts were not made because Congress later provided more funding for the global health programs before the one-time funding package dwindled.

    “CDC did not have to cut back its work from 49 to 10 countries,” said Maureen Bartee, CDC’s associate director for Global Health Security. “In the FY18-FY20 annual appropriations, CDC received base appropriations for global health security from Congress. This was used to continue the essential public health capacity development in the four core areas that was started in 2014 with the one-time supplemental funds.”

    The CDC is establishing platforms with regional offices to advance global health security and maintain a sustainable global presence, Bartee said.

    “With this regional approach, CDC intends to implement a sustainable, long-term overseas operational structure, expand the reach of its technical assistance and programs, and strengthen disease outbreak response,” she said. “All told, CDC is currently working in more than 60 countries.”

    Trump has requested that in fiscal year 2021, the CDC be given $175 million for global health security.

  2. Ralph Palladino

    Your reply stating that the article written by me is “so inaccurate” fails to prove your point. You never refute the timeline of what Trump knew and when he knew it. Or him saying that having bleach put into ones body could stop COVID. In case you think this last point is wrong. Then why did Forbes report MDs distress about so many people trying it. You are wrong about his view and practice concerning the states having to take the lead in fighting COVID. Just google his quotes. He refused to even push national manufacturers to retool to make PPE. HE was talking about having massive”rallies” in mid-March. You ignore his dismantling of the federal Pandemic Response Team.
    The only real accurate statement you make is that yes, the CDC funding that HE proposed cutting was restored. But to that I say, Thank you to the Democratic House for being the ones who took the lead in restoring cuts.
    The USA is doing far worse than Europe in fighting COVID and preventing spread and also in economic distress. The back stops with the President. No wonder Red States are doing so poorly now.
    Yes indeed, drain the Washington Swamp. Start with the President his aiding and abetting Senate.

  3. Ralph Palladino

    You claim that my article is “so inaccurate”. Yet You cherry pick only two points and can’t refute the others. One point on states pretty much on their own is accurate. Trump even says that the a Federal government is a back up. Google it!
    The other point you are technically correct on. The congress did restore HIS proposed cuts. To that I say, “Thank you to the Democratic House for taking the lead in restoring the Trump cuts!
    Yes indeed Drain the Trump-McConnell swamp in Washington

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