LOS ANGELES, C.A. – The Communications Workers of America District 9 (CWA) and Frontier Communications Corporation have ratified a new labor agreement amending and extending existing contracts with CWA in California through September 2020.

Tom Runnion, Vice President of CWA District 9, said, “We have reached an agreement that is in the best interests of telecommunications workers and will also strengthen Frontier as we move forward in this continuing partnership. Our experienced and trained CWA members will continue to provide Frontier’s customers with the quality service they expect and deserve.”

Under the new agreement, Frontier has agreed to extend current collective bargaining agreements. Highlights of the revised agreement include: Extending the existing contracts by 18 months with a no layoff provision. Pay increases of 2.25 and 2.0 percent. Filling 40 New Customer Service Technician Jobs and 35 New Call Center Jobs. Job Upgrades for Specific Job Classifications. Continued operational flexibility to enhance the service experience.

“We enjoy a positive relationship with our CWA labor partners and are pleased to have collaboratively reached a new agreement that forges a better working relationship and enables Frontier to enhance its operational condition and competitiveness,” said Joe Gamble, Frontier’s West Region Senior Vice President of Operations. “We are proud to have these dedicated men and women providing quality customer service and focused on expanding broadband connectivity throughout the state.”

CWA represents approximately 2,700 Frontier employees in California. The current CWA contracts would have expired in March 2019.


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