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Corporate Greed: Killing Middle-Class America

New York, NY – This past summer, striking Charter/Spectrum worker Eddie Rogan, 50, climbed onto the Mets dugout towards the end of a game at Citi Field and unfurled an IBEW Local 3 banner — for the Long Island father of three, this modest act of civil disobedience aimed at raising awareness about the plight of working people was like “screaming into a canyon.”

Striking Spectrum worker Eddie Rogan displays his union banner at Citi Field last season.

“I’ve got a great marriage and great kids, so I’m extremely lucky there,” Rogan tells LaborPress. “The pain that you feel is that you’ve been with the company for 32 years; the company’s been around for 40 years and there’s never been a labor dispute. Management and the union have always gotten along; the main concern was the customer. But this new company rolls in with new ideas; they want to reinvent the wheel; change everything around and all hell breaks loose. It’s the way the county’s going — corporate greed is basically taking over. It’s killing middle-class America. It’s destroying blue collar workers. And I’m not sure when it’s going to change.”

Last March, after purchasing Time-Warner Cable for $65 billion, the second-largest cable provider in the nation forced roughly 1,800 employees onto the picket line with its plan to scrap the union’s carefully bargained healthcare coverage and pension plan.

For years, IBEW Local 3 had successfully negotiated contracts sacrificing real pay raises in favor of preserving worker pensions and medical plans.

“We’ve given up wage increases for many contracts just to keep the benefits and the pension that we have,” Rogan says. “We said we’ll take a 1-percent wage increase; we’ll take a half-a-percent — just keep the pension. Keep the benefits; keep the annuity; keep our future intact; keep my family’s plan intact. The money is fine right now. And we did that for years and years. And now, it’s being taken away from us.”

Rogan started working for the cable company — then operating as Manhattan Cable — straight out of high school in 1985. Back then, he took home between $180 and $200 a week. The then teenager quickly advanced up the pay scale, however. Right before the start of the strike, the highly-trained and vastly experienced Rogan was earning between $125,000 and $130,000 annually.

In 1998, Rogan married his wife Christine. The couple bought a home in Ronkonkoma the following year — the same home they live in to this day along with their three growing children — one girl and two boys.

Ten months into the strike against Charter/Spectrum, Rogan finds himself stitching together part-time jobs and driving for Uber just to “save the house and give the kids what they need.” He calls his wife Christine “Wonder Woman” for shouldering much of the economic burden, but the family health insurance runs out in June.

“[That’s] going to be here in a heartbeat, I know that,” Rogan says. “So, the resumes have been going out everywhere — Verizon…MTA…wherever I can go. It’s basically come down to, I’ll probably be starting a new career at age 50 — which is about as scary as you can get with a wife, three kids, and college on the horizon.”

A lot of Rogan’s frustration comes from the seemingly inability of local elected officials — most notably Mayor Bill de Blasio and Governor Andrew Cuomo — to effectively intervene and help end the labor dispute between Charter/Spectrum and its employees.

“The union has done all it could have done, but I think they put their eggs in the basket of the politicians a little too much because the mayor and the governor have completely turned their backs on us,” Rogan says.

Particularly galling to Rogan is the pro-labor rhetoric he says both de Blasio and Cuomo spouted during the workers march over the Brooklyn Bridge last September.

“If you go back to the speeches given, it was just basically a spew of lies…with Governor Cuomo saying this is a union town,” Rogan says. “You allowed [Charter/Spectrum] to bring in out-of-state contractors to keep their work going.”

The nearly year-long strike has already proven too much for many of Rogan’s co-workers. Although Rogan says strikers still number more than 1,000-strong, many have, indeed, chosen to cross the picket line.

“It’s real difficult,” Rogan says. “And in the beginning, it was real difficult because you felt it was them stabbing you in the back — how do you turn your back against the union? But now it’s 10, 11, 12 months in  —I know two guys that have lost their marriages. Their wives have picked up and left with their kids. They’re losing cars, mortgages, apartments…you have to do what’s best for you. I’m pro-union — 100-percent. I think I’m too thick-headed where I’m never going to cross — and it’s probably going to hurt me. But it’s the way I was raised and it’s the way I am.”

Charter/Spectrum has remained virtually unresponsive throughout the 10-month strike, only briefly interrupting the incessant hyping of its so-called “wage-rich” package to periodically accuse striking employees of vandalism. Striking workers, argue that the company should, instead, be drawing a direct line between increasing customer complaints and system outages — to poorly performing out-of-state contractors.

Rogan says one of the striking workers erroneously accused of vandalism last year, was a close friend of his.

“They had literally five squad cars come to his house on his block, lights flashing, completely humiliated the guy in front of his neighbors and his family,” Rogan says. “[Cops] brought him in; kept him in jail all day. His wife and kids didn’t know what was going on until he got home at 9 o’clock at night. Three days later he was acquitted.”

And that “wage-rich” package that supposedly includes a 55-percent salary increase? Rogan says the figure only applies to entry level techs and only stands up to scrutiny when New York’s newly-established $15 an-hour minimum wage is factored in. For experienced journeymen, the proposed bump in pay would be peanuts, and totally meaningless given the out-of-pocket medical expenses the company now insists employees must shell out.

“For a family of four or five, you’re going to be pulling out-of-pocket sometimes, $12- to $15,000 more a year,” Rogan says. “It’s just ridiculous. Of course, they

Rogan’s sons Jake and Shane protest outside Charter HQ in Connecticut.

don’t mention that. The way the businesses work…they flood the media with what they want because they don’t think people are going to be smart enough to investigate. Most people don’t look at the fine print. People see a company with their workers on strike and the first thing they say is, “A-ha…look at these guys — they want more money.’ No. That’s not it. It has nothing to do with money.”

Rogan further says that the way Charter/Spectrum has stacked the decked against workers, new hires will never be able to advance up the pay scale and achieve the American Dream the way he has.

“It was different back then; now, they changed it,” he says. “They play games so you can’t make it to top pay; so that you can’t make it to a higher rate. They decline you personal days. I feel bad for the service people going into the apartments with the Charter regimens — the working relationship between management and the workers just before the strike was completely gone; morale was shot.”

Rogan calls the entire strike experience “literally heartbreaking.”

“My dad passed away January 20, right before we went on strike — he was my best friend. Elevator mechanic, union guy; worked for the city all his life. Everything just piled up throughout the year.”

In order to get the IBEW Local 3 strike banner into Citi Field last season, Rogan had to wrap it up so it resembled a present for a buddy celebrating his own 50th birthday at the game. A member of stadium security quickly reacted to the ruse, however, and threatened to “run him in” for jumping onto the Mets dugout.

“I told him my whole plight,” Rogan recalls. “I said, we’re getting no media coverage. It’s killing us. I’m doing what I can. I’m trying to get stuff out there.”

That wasn’t enough to get Rogan out of water, however.

“I said, listen, I’m carrying a union card,” Rogan continues. “I don’t know if you carry a union card…but it’s a brotherhood. I’m doing what I can. What you need to do is tell me to get the hell out of here, and hand me my sign. He looked around…handed me my sign, and says…‘Get the hell out of here.’”


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69 thoughts on “Corporate Greed: Killing Middle-Class America”

  1. The facts are actually missing from this article. First proposal from company had jib contribution to fully COVER medical plan with 9k per man per year! It also would pull out of pension but be required to fully fund the plan with enough money to cover. ALL CHARTER EMPLOYEE PENSIONS. Since the union uses Fund for things OTHER THAN CHARTER EMPLOYEE PENSIONS they turned it down. It was never even put to a vote. So we would’ve gotten a raise, kept our medical, had our pension and added company match 401k and same free cable service levels as non union. Local 3 gave us the shaft to keep their cash cow funding the JIB so let’s get the real story out there. Local didn’t even submit a real proposal until 2 days before calling for strike. Every proposal had to do with making sure foremen don’t have to do field work, General foremen get to sit in offices and crappy techs who broke rules but had family in the local be “reinstated and made whole”! It was screw the 1700 until we take care of these 100 dinasaurs.

    1. “Exlocal3” tells me all I need to know about the venom behind this reply. Sorry you feel slighted, Brother. You can spin this however you’ve been told to spin it, but if you think everything was remaining status quo w our benefits and pension, you’ve been fed the wrong information. Good luck to you. 👊

      1. If our benefits would’ve changed it would’ve been due to Local 3. Local admitted that medical benefits averaged 8k per man per year and first proposal covered that in a JIB contribution. If you do some research you’ll see that any company that pulls out of a pension plan MUST supply estimated market value of disbursement’s SO PENSION WAS COVERED. The offered 5k per year education which doubles union number. Then they kicked in a 401k with a 6% match and raises bigger than anything we’ve ever seen from local. Even if the union accepted all that and rejected subcontractor clauses, negotiated shifts and added only new employees after April 2017 can have garage changed WE WOULDVE WON! This was all about the UNION not wanting to lose its cash cow that supplements all the furlough electricians through Time Warner / Charter contributions. Trust me the 1800 are not using or ever going to see even 50% of the 30-40 million the Union was raking in from JIB. Foolish to think otherwise.
        Good luck to you and the remaining techs that believe there’s a win down the road

    2. I don’t think this was an actual Local 3 striking worker because he is lying or misinformed throughout his entire statement. One thing is for sure we all knew what they were trying to take from us before we chose to strike and that hasn’t changed. To try to rewrite the story because it was a harder road than you expected is wrong.

      1. First I am 100% ex local 3! Second negotiations start with each side asking for the sun and settling on a light bulb. The union received a proposal in 2016 and their counter was to demand that people fire be brought back? Make GFs office personal and Foreman tourist who drive around NYC all day but no actual work. Nothing related to a counterproposal until 2 days before strike! Company say say It wants to reduce contributions to JIB and their counter was a raise? Really? Does that sound like someone who’s trying to look out for 1800?
        I’m done here. I reviewed the NLRB ruling that sided with Charter TWICE for negotiating in good faith. Where’s the one that sides with L3 regarding this strike? Not stuff before the strike but regarding things during and related to negotiations? DOESNT EXIST!
        Good luck in your continued fight

  2. “Exlocal3”, I am not sure who you are or what you are. Obviously you are an “Ex” for a damn good reason. The reason is that We Don’t Need You as a Local #3 member. Your a disgrace! I was on the negotiating committee and your facts are not only wrong but are full of “BS” just as you are! The fact is that the company wants to gut the medical and take away the pension for union members. Also, did you forget about the company’s proposal to subcontract out all of your work and lay you off? I am not going to waste any more time responding to your stupidity because we are more focused on fighting Charter/Spectrum and corporate greed. Maybe you should change you name to something more appropriate like “Ignorant”

    1. Finally someone from the negotiating committee! How amazing to hear from someone whose actually been at the table! Amazing this is the forum that we get the low down from someone with knowledge. But here’s my question. Someone posts actual DETAILS, provides a little math, and your response is to call it “ignorant”, and refuse to use you precious time to debate a logical point. You respond with a generic , general statement about something we always hear. And “gut our medical” “gut our pension”.. HOW? Tell us HOW they are doing it or proposing it with real damn numbers. Like come on. If you really know and truly care about the ppl out here struggling to stay loyal and pay their bills then tell the damn truth.

      1. I believe J.A.D said it was ignorant because ExL3’s statements are wrong and he is commenting on them as fact which is ignorant. Arguing the math is not a problem but he’s not giving any numbers that are correct just a bunch of opinion and misinformation. Now if you sir are truly on strike and don’t no how 0 to your medical and retirement plan guts it I don’t know what to tell you. What math do you need to explain 0? What more truth is there than that?

    2. Which facts are incorrect? If you were in the committee then you’re part of the problem. You KNOW the first offer included a JIB contribution to cover what the union claimed was the annual value of medical. You would also KNOW that they offered 5k in company education fund which was double local 3. Did Derrick tell you that even if Charter pulls out THEY ARE REQUIRED TO BUY OUT THE PENSION? That’s right, a big fat f$&king check to Local 3 to cover future value of the entire 1800’s pension! They were too busy trying to make sure they don’t lose theirs that they didn’t care about OURS! If the first offer was so bad why did they go back to the mediator and ask for it? Because they played their hand and WE LOST. All that other crap with shifts and garage movement could’ve been NEGOTIATED but LOCAL 3 didn’t want to talk about anything that wasn’t getting them their JIB. Oh yeah I left that mess behind when they said my benefits were going to expire. Paid dues for years, supported this strike and my reward was take this 12-15 dollar an hour job or lose benefits
      Good luck with your effort to continue to brainwash strikers but I’m woke like Neo our the Matrix

  3. Don’t get too worked up over “Exlocal3” and his false comments. For all we know it’s a spectrum mgr trolling sites to spew more lies. Shoulder to Shoulder, Side by Side, UNION STRONG 👊👊👊

    1. Whatever you say! I still have the card that expired in December along with my benefits. Go read first proposal and do some research on pension plans that are willfully pulled out of by companies. Fact are facts and to quote Denzel in Malcom X
      Oh, I say and I say it again, ya been had! Ya been took! Ya been hoodwinked! Bamboozled, led astray and run a muck!

      Good luck in your continued fight but I’m beyond done

  4. He is absolutely correct. When do we start picketing at LVA’s house and Jordans home? They could have negotiated a fair deal and gave us up and the union…. We paid them to represent us and they did not. NOBODY can dispute that… Right Derk? Right Lance?

    1. Date and Time? I’d like to picket right in front of the hall. Sad fact is we were sold out for JIB and not everyone see it. Next meeting ask Derek what changed from March to December that L3 was willing to accept the same offer that we walked out for? Oh yeah, the new one had no JIB and that one did.

  5. Shame on charter/spectrum. CEO is making $98000000 a year and padding their back for a future minimum rate of $ 15/hr to be paid to workers. It is pugnacious people don’t see anything wrong with that.
    Like mister Eddie Rogan, most of us started working for this company making $6/hr. It is unconscionably for this company to be happy to lock us out. That’s why we need a contract. We can not rely on charter/spectrum conscience.they have none. Let’s keep up the fight for Fair contract under ibew local 3.

  6. Serious people with good intentions negotiate and sign contracts like it’s been happening for 40 years. We all know charter/spectrum’s intentions. Let’s not be fooled. I know management very often changed that’s why serious people with good intentions have signed contracts. Ex l3 you need a contract too. They will kick you aside when they’re done using you. Let’s not make excuses for charter/spectrum. Let’s resist for a fair contract. Let’s stop the blame game.

    1. I didn’t cross, I moved on because Local was offering crap pay, temp spots and playing favorites. They even saved some top jobs that had openings and assigned stewards to them without considering seniority. Like I said, negotiations start out with asking for the sun and ending up with a light bulb. I wish you good luck but they really need a list at the hall to show how they’re picking who gets the limited number of permanent spots they have. I’m sure it’s somebody who knows somebody or has family with long ties to L3

    1. Papa smurf, your youtube videos are entertaining but do you really think you have a job to go back to whether you cross or not? Management has had their eyes on you and don’t want you back.


    2. Youre a funny dude as I WILL NEVER CROSS TO GO BACK TO A GREEDY CORPORATION AS I KNOW MY WORTH AND OBVIOUSLY YOU DON’T KNOW YOUR SELF VALUE. Thanks for coming up with a fake profile and you got people actually believing Dennis Burgess will EVER THINK OF WORKING FOR SPECTRUM…..WELL U TRIED AND YOU HAVE FAILED

  7. When you tells these guys the truth they say you’re lying. Whats the point anymore. Strike is going to be 1 year in march and these guys are still believing the union like sheep. To each his own I guess.

  8. “Unions are an essential way to help reduce economic inequality,” said Fordham University Professor Chris Rhomberg, author of The Broken Table: The Detroit Newspaper Strike and the State of American Labor. “The Spectrum workers are at the forefront of a battle to defend good jobs across the economy, including the right to bargain collectively,” he said. Rhomberg pointed out that “The company is benefitting from its franchise agreement with the city, and it should negotiate fairly with its workers.” This is a fundamental crisis that we ignore at our peril. ”

    Please, let’s unit in the fight against charter/spectrum for a fair contract. Do not help charter/spectrum get rid of ibew local 3. CEO is making $ 98,000,000 and has a golden parachute for security. We deserve a fair contract for the years of dedicated service to our customers. I know it’s the hardest fight we ever faced. We can’t give up now. We are standing strong together.

  9. Gravy train has come to a halt gentlemen. Longer you guys stay out, the more experience new replacement workers get and less you will be needed. Sure it will be a loss to lose experienced workers that have been around 10, 20, 30 years but the system can be learned in a short time. A 22 year old can pick this up and master the job in less than a year.

    This article does not help the fight as it highlights a man that makes $120,000 and is the reason Charter wants to get rid of the Union. Good for him that he started at the bottom and worked his way up. But sorry bud your position is not worth that amount and it sounds like you were living beyond your means.

    Good luck to all

  10. Are all theae contractors like Connect One non union? What happened to union contractors like Metro, Uptown, Midtown Express?

  11. Indeed, we need Union to keep a strong middle class in this country. I see nothing wrong; people work hard people make a decent living. That’s why it’s not a third world country. As people at the top makes lots of money. We should be able to bargain collectively for a decent living wage especially after many years working for this company. It’s worth the fight charter/spectrum has no conscience. Let’s resist for a fair contract.

  12. Exlocal3 you are clearly showing your Ignorance again with everything you stated. This is not just about the JIB and obviously you are just a Hopeless Case! I think a five year old could have posted better comments. Quoting Denzel from the Malcom X movie. Have You ever read Malcom X or know who he was? He was part of My family and stood for what He believed in. Solidarity! Something that you will never know the meaning of or ever be a part of! So please don’t use His name to try to solidify your B.S.

    1. This is and always has been about the JIB and you’re a fool to think otherwise. The union could’ve negotiated everything that was proposed and left JIB for last but every meeting starts and ends with their piece of the pie. Quoting Malcolm X movie was part of shedding light on how you’ve all been fooled. I was there but now I’m WOKE. So now I ask that you enlighten me 4th cousin twice removed to Malcom Little. What is this strike about? Is it about reporting garage? Could’ve negotiated that but didn’t! Contractors doing “in-house” work? Could’ve negotiated that but didn’t! Change of shifts? Guess what? It’s a customer service industry so SOMEBODY has to be available when customers want us there. This strike had so many things that could’ve been worked out in our favor if Derek and negotiating committee were actually looking out for us and trying to get a deal. I still have the “union’s” joke of a counter proposal that addressed NOTHING Charter proposed! How is it a counter when it countered nothing? Bring back this bum and make him whole. Bring back another bum and make him whole. They’re while allright A-holes!
      Keep fighting and good luck with that

  13. Obviously you know nothing about negotiations. You also need to stop blaming our Local #3 Representatives. Chris, Lance and Derek did all they could and then some to resolve the strike. Again I know because I was THERE you WERE NOT!!!! The international is even involved with the efforts. Charter/Spectrum refuses to bargain in good faith. You keep referring to the JIB as the only sticking point. Again there you go with the Ignorance! The company proposed subcontracting all bargaining unit work out. Do you not know what that means! Layoffs!!!! Charter had no intention of removing this proposal. I question your comment about “it’s a customer service industry… blah, blah, blah.” It sounds to me as if you nose and heart are up the asses of management and corporate America! If you can really read, pick up the book “From the Folks Who Brought You The Weekend” you might learn something. Look, if you cannot see the forest for the trees and realize this is union busting then you are part of the problem (which we already know). Are you aware that Charter is now challenging IBEW locals in Hawaii and LA? Go on line and Google NLRB Charges against Charter and see what comes up. There are also lawsuits against Charter/Spectrum. WTF, when have you ever seen a company post its proposals and try to sell them to union members? Charter never removed any of their proposals. This pretty much spelled the company’s intentions. Take it or leave it! Charter rejected all of the Unions proposals and NEVER offered ANY counter proposals. If your education level is past Kindergarten, you should understand. Seems like your in favor of their BS. Maybe you should go back to work for Charter or see of Tom Rutledge will give you a job cleaning his 98.5 million dollar ass! Just one more thing, do you know who Harry Van Arsdale was and what he stood for? If you did you would still be here! The fight will continue and believe me Local #3 is not in it alone!

    1. You’ve lost your mind and the brainwashed child you are must resort to name calling due to your level of stupidity. No I did not sit at these negotiation tables but have in the past. Did you know that these idiots have gone in the basement and bowled over what they would give in on and what they’d accept in the past? I’m sure you didn’t! Ask them! There’s a bowling alley in the building and some of what people have kept or lost was based on 2 out of 3 games. So yeah I know a lot of these cars and how they sold us out on raises when the company launched phone service too. Know why we didn’t get a raise? Because they sold us out to get the NJ shop. Know why we didn’t get a raise when they launched internet? They sold us out to keep Sunday double time in NM. Trust when I tell you I know these games for a long time and you’re a pawn ( probably a queen ) being used to protect the king which is the JIB. Stop drinking the kool aid out lance’s ass cheeks and do some research. If the company bought out the pension, then you have it PERIOD!
      If the union accepted the 9k per man per year, then you keep the same medical through union SO NO CHANGE PERIOD!
      If the union actually sent a counter proposal other than the BS we could’ve gotten a deal done! I’m looking at this stupid 3/26 counter right now so tell me how this makes sense!
      Company: we want to reduce JIB contribution
      Local 3: We want a 2% raise

      Company: we want to move tech 4 from $17 -$26 and Tech 5 from $34 – $40
      Local 3: Nah well take shit 10% over 4 years but keep our full jib

      Company: We don’t want union members acting in positions of authority
      Local 3: there will be no demotions of any kind and Larry Barra will go back to Superintendent and all GF reinstated to desk jobs

      Company: We want to increase sick but remove personal
      Local 3: we want to roll over more personal and sick too

      Company: per local 3 this is one bargaining unit which is why NJ can’t decertify so no riders
      Local 3: It’s only one when we feel like it so include all the riders

      Does any of that sound like a sane person was negotiating? If you were at the table then you’re part of the problem! This isn’t CWA and 30000 members holding Fios hostage, this is 1800 high paying NYC jobs that are easily trained and replaced LIKE THEY WERE!

      I’ve wished many others here good luck but not you. To you I wish a job cleaning toilets behind Lance, Chris & Derek! They’re all just as full of shit as you so it should keep you busy. Maybe they’ll make you an A card since you’re a tremendous A-hole.

      I’m done with you because you’re obviously functioning at low brain capacity and will need whatever’s left to get those toilets clean.

      1. Whew. I thought you were serious until I read this post. This is either a fake trying to spread propoganda or someone completely ignorant to everything he went on strike for because just about all of your comments are lies.

        1. Yo T still…..yes they are very ignorant trying to pose as me smfh….well thats what being a scab is all about so im not surprised one bit

  14. Title of this should be Corporate AND Union Greed killing middle class america.

    No one is against unions…just against the dirty, corrupt, and greedy ones.

  15. I’m sad to see I how people seems to enjoy charter/spectrum humiliated local 3 members who’d been working for the company for many years. The same thing or worse will be done to anyone willing to work for charter spectrum without a contract. Surely, this is a wake up call to get us out of complacency. We need to do a better job of demanding more transparency from local 3. Indeed, business as usual will not get us victory. If we help the company get rid of local3, it will be a big loss for the middle class. Please let’s keep on fighting. Giving up is not an option. We can definitely do collectively what we can’t do individually. We need a fair contract months ago.

  16. The company does not belong to one person whether one makes $ 98,000,000. This company funded with investor’s money. We’re demanding a fair contract. Management will not treat workers and customers fairly without a contract. It’s been proven. This company was sued for cheating its customers. Moving on is not a solution. Charter/spectrum needs to learn to play fairly. Let’s stand strong together for fairness. Let’s support Local3. If we don’t, it will only go down from there regardless what management is saying now.

  17. Charter/Spectrum needs to invest in infrastructure and better technology and employees to provide better services to its customers. Stop trying to improve its bottom line by unfair labor practices and cheating customers while awarding its CEO with 98.5 million dollars. Shame on charter/spectrum and all those who are supporting this demagogic lies deceptive practices. Let’s support IBEW local3.


  19. Is it Easier to say it’s all lies then to go back and look at the original proposals? Foolish sheep! Like I said before, first proposal had RAISES, medical contribution, move to company education fund which is DOUBLE the union’s, a 401k with 6% match AND GOVERNMENT MANDATED BACKING OF THE PENSION! Union could’ve negotiated shifts, contractor language, garage movement etc etc. Local stood to lose money and played all of us. Easier to believe a lie than investigate the truth. Next union meeting show some nuts and ask at the mic.

    I know you’ll never come back and admit I’m right but don’t lie and say I’m wrong when I have facts and you have Derek and Chris words.

  20. You said “from March to December that L3 was willing to accept the same offer that we walked out for?”

    Okay, you admitted l3 wanted to end the strike and get us back to work. So what stop the company from accepting l3 concession? Union busting right!
    This company wants to get rid of the Union at all cost.
    No regard for its customers. The kept hiding customer complaints under the rug. We all know one thing. New York has had a strong middle class and union like iebw l3 contributed immensely in creating this strong middle class. Hopefully, they will run charter spectrum out of New York. And you will also admit it’s the company that is refused to end the strike not l3. Stop making excuses for the company. Support local #3.

    1. Not making excuses. If the deal was no good in March that the union called for a strike how did it all of the sudden become good in December? BECAUSE IT WAS ALWAYS A GOOD OFFER! The union played the NLRB card of Charter not negotiating “in good faith” and both complaints filed were LOST. Why do you think we lost? Because anyone with a brain knows that the first offer was a good one that would’ve cost the union NOT THE WORKERS money. We would’ve gotten raises, kept our pension, gotten a 401k, doubles our education fundand kept our medical but L3 would’ve lost over 18 million per year in JIB fund that they support electrician furloughs with. This was NEVER ABOUT US it was always about MONEY. When they lost the NLRB case they came back and asked for original offer but Spectrum had already pulled that and instituted the impasse contract proposal, WHICH IS THEIR RIGHT.

      AGAIN IF THE OFFER WAS BAD AND UNION BUSTING IN MARCH HOW DID IT “BECOME GOOD” WHEN THEY LOST THE NLRB CASE? Because it had a JIB contribution so they would gotten something. Some people will never open their eyes but now Local is looking to dissolve entire ET division. That’s probably so they can put that big fat settlement check Charter will have to give them into the A or M card funds. That check is to cover OUR PENSIONS! Once ET is gone they can use as they see fit and when we retire they can claim pension is “underfunded”
      Not my job to school you so class has ended

  21. Okay let’s stop the imaginary stories and the disinformation.
    Take a look at NLRB regulation below. Based on what went on before and during the strike. Then tell me if IEBW local #3 has a winnable case against charter/spectrum.

    Discriminating against employees because of their union activities or sympathies (Section 8(a)(3)
    Section 8(a)(3) the Act makes it an unfair labor practice for an employer, “by discrimination in regard to hire or tenure of employment or any term or condition of employment[,] to encourage or discourage membership in any labor organization.” (An employer that violates Section 8(a)(3) also derivatively violates Section 8(a)(1).)
    Discharge, constructively discharge, suspend, lock out, demote, discipline, or take any other adverse action against employees because they support the union or engage in union activities.
    Engage in discriminatory conduct that is inherently destructive of employee rights under the Act,
    Transfer work (e.g., to another plant or other employees) in order to avoid your obligations under the Act.
    Refuse to hire or consider job applicants because of their union membership, activities, or sympathies.
    Refuse to hire union-represented employees of a business you have acquired to avoid succeeding to an obligation to bargain with the union.
    Permanently replace locked-out employees.
    Lock out your employees defensively provided that motivated by a purpose to interfere with and defeat union activity.
    Lock out your employees offensively.

    Whatever they are paying you now as a scab. Save a lot of it. When they are done using you. They will kick you aside. ..

    1. The union created those m card positions so no one could sue. To the courts , it would look like they were trying to help us . Truth is, elder brothers go to the hall crying looking for work , no one wants them. Not even local 3. This job was their cradle to the grave . Is this fair ? Hope you all know those positions are temp -According to the bus rep for m divison , his words . Many guys made m card and told to keep their mouth shut. Final thought.. Spectrum managed to find loopholes through our contract as well as the franchise , don’t be shocked if Rutledge finds one out of paying local 3 $100m.

  22. Division is only benefit those at the top. Division is the tool that has been successfully used against the middle class every where. Division signs have different shape but one goal is to divide. Indeed, this fight with charter/spectrum is the catalyst that should unite us. It has been clear to many of us charter/spectrum wanted to dismantle the unity that afforded us fairness from management for over 40 years. We know better. We’re not going to help bust the Union. Indeed, when this impass is over this Union IEBW local 3 will be stronger. Evidently we’re stronger together. Ride is over, join us to make IEBW local # 3 a better and stronger Union. I guarantee it will be better for you too. I don’t want to be selfish scab. I want to be part of a CBA. I know this company, charter/spectrum is trying to starve Union members to its division grid. Many of us have succumbed to its tactic. To me, collective dignity and mutual respect is priceless. I would rather die of starvation than to live on my knees as a scab at the mercy of charter/spectrum concientless management. Union offers concession. Charter/spectrum management offers bad faith negotiation. Shame on those that exploit the weakness of the middle class.

    Worthy fight! Stand strong local 3.

    Please God deliver New York from the actual charter/spectrum management!

    1. This was all a strategic plan. They went after the smallest union in NYC . Charter knew local 3 would never go for “jib for et only.” It was a set up BS proposal and local 3 took the bait. This was classic union busting 101 (but the Dummy edition) and local 3 fell for it! The company got us out and that’s all they needed to do. Trump admin and his picks are alligned with big companies . Next they’ll go after the big unions . Verizon is selling Fios off in 3 years (heard this from a VZ executive) and who knows maybe Charter will buy and Laila Tov CWA .

      I would never go back without the union and I’m no scab. Never never. Anyone who did is a @&ck. I think it’s time people start looking around and seeing it’s over. The ones who don’t are the ones who got jobs in diff divisons. Those jobs will not last forever .
      I close my eyes and I see my kids faces crying when we broke the news we’re selling our house . These are sacrifices we’re making and we get nothing in return. Nothing lined up for us. No encouragement. Famous last words from a bus rep last week…”make sure you keep paying your dues “
      At 53 years old and a journey man, I have to go out into the job market and interview for the first time in 19 years .

      If you knew back then what you know now, would you still take that strike vote ?

  23. Local 3 supplied the scabs for their own strike . Never did work stoppages . Never tried anything to make Spectrum starve/ that’s all you need to know about Spectrum strike. Local 3 conspired against its et division and as a result our jobs were stolen away . Contractors came in from Bara and he’s getting a position as a bus rep at L 3 . Anyone find this alarming?

  24. IEBW local 3 is aware of NLRB regulation that union must bargain in good faith on behalf of employees it represents, and it is unlawful for a union to fail to do so.

    Indeed Local3 is waiting at the negotiation table. Charter/spectrum refuses to come to the table in good faith. Again let’s stick to the facts. Let’s remain focused. Support local 3.

    1. When exactly did Local 3 bargain in good faith? Was it when they knowingly got a bunch of brothers in trouble at Paige during Derek’s morning visit? Or was it when company said they wanted to give us raises and reduce locals money so they suckered us into a strike vote? Such a sheep

  25. Evidently, the company has gotten us exactly where he wanted us to be. Turning on one another, blaming one another. This is what called divide and conquer. It’s unfathomable, we are blaming people for being old and the like. Of course we are diverse. Diversity is a fact of life not a choice. Indeed we are standing on an imperfect bridge, there should be a way to improve it without burning it. The fight is harder than we expected, of course. But running to the company’s snare of division doesn’t and will never make it any easier. Let’s educate ourselves to find a way out this impass. You know we are not alone in this fight. Charter/spectrum refuses to come the negotiation table in good faith. Although NLRB regulations require the company to do so. Any way local 3 is waiting at the negotiation table. Can you ask the company why it refused to come the table?

    Let’s stay focus. Support local 3. We stand together or we fall one by one.

    1. You’re confused! We already LOST both NLRB cases claiming that Charter wasn’t bargaining in good faith! The union also withdrew 5 other complaints that were tied to their good faith claim. I am not “fighting” with anyone here but I will not sit back and watch brothers and sisters lose their homes and life savings due to belief that NLRB is going to suddenly side with us. The company provided its proposals with original reduced JIB, its emails that notified members and its amended proposals where JIB was removed and replaced with larger raises. The union provided its ridiculous request to reinstate fired people, take away raises earned under the “non contract” and return to the version that expired in 2013. They also asked NLRB to side with them that GFs make all promotion decisions and not be allowed to be demoted. How is that in good faith for the masses? You’re so lost it’s crazy

  26. Any journeyman who took an $18 job is a fool . I turned it down . Don’t you see, you accepted these jobs and you let local 3 off the hook . Higher paying jobs should have been demanded . How dare the union make us take cuts like that. 6 months down the road they’ll refuse to renew your card just like they’re ending strike checks . You’re not locked in , why do you think they gave you only a few months? Local3 winding down spectrum strike . There’s no division on our end . It’s the other way around . Guys call the hall and get the run around or no call back and ignored what does that say about the union ? That’s brotherhood and unity? Local 3 scabs doing our work for crying out loud and the man who opened the door for them will be the next business manager . Go on- keep sticking up for local 3 . They’re treating us like schm@&$&.

  27. That’s what we’ve been demanding, our paying jobs and our benefits that we earned over many years through the bargaining table. Mr or Madame schism, you sound like you can do better than local 3. You should demand that charter/spectrum come to the negotiation table. You sound like you stand up pretty tall over at spectrum. We are waiting at the negotiation table. Thanks in advance for your help, schism.

  28. I’m not managerial or anything , just a striking jm with a brain. No disrespect bro. I knew it was over before the strike in a residential meeting where a handful of ex-cablevisions strolled in 20mts late and ripped us new a@@holes one by one.Strike was just a way to get us out and close the door . Run back to charter and you’ll be an indentured servant in a prison system with no soul or identity.The new hostile working environment turns our hands into bleeding nubs. Metrics are gone for now but will be back soon.
    The union became greedy, lazy and FAILED US. Bottom line . This is an epidemic . Verizon is actively looking to eliminate its wireline division ,fios, pots. Until they have a buyer they are looking to outsource every job they can. The only thing preventing that right now are the unions. This spectrum strike sets the tone for the rest . They managed to dismantle a 1700 member union. Next cwa . The worst thing local 3 could have done was lie to our faces last meeting with the motorcycle gang bodyguards . FOH. Couldn’t even admit their scabs doing our work ? What else are they lying about ? Go on be a cheerleader for local 3 they think we’re all schm@&$s

  29. Unfortunately, all of us were complacent. We underestimated the opponent’s willingness to do anything to bust the Union. That’s the impass. Indeed, we thought going on strike would bring a quick solution to the unfair labor practice going at the company. Now we’re in a tough fight. Should the Union leadership have known better, Maybe? However, it is naive to think that this company charter/spectrum, is making best effort to treat its employees fairly without representation. As the company is delaying the due process, it’s telling you it’s over.It isn’t over. If it is over why they’re appealing decisions? Again, the union is not perfect. But it is our collective shield. We need to support local 3. To be clear, I am not cheer leading. Support local 3 is the right thing to do.

  30. Any way, JM with a brain no disrespect, a brain is self-evident. Let’s enlighten one another.

    Charter/spectrum started the unfair labor practices. By hiring the union busting team. Anyone can see it in their contract proposal. For instance, they want the right to give all jobs to contractors. They don’t want the Fair lay off Claus in the contract, isn’t it clear what their intention is. And the company wants us to blame the union. In 2013 the company demoted the G.F and 2017 demoted the foremans. Now they trying to finish the job dismantling the union completely. And the company expected Union members not understand that. Let’s fight to preserve our middle class living standard as CEO and the like are making millions of dollars a year. Let’s not be fooled by this company’s distortion tactic. Now they are starving us to submission. Let’s remain focus. Support local 3. The union even offers to sacrifice the unborns. The company refused to settle to end the strike.
    We’re facing the worst management. We have no choice but to keep fighting. Again support local 3.

    And it’s not about which G.F or Foreman that was good or bad. It’s about fairness and fair representation in the work place. It’s about a fair contract.

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