Cooling Off of Bus Strike Needed

February 12, 2013
John Catsimatidis, Mayoral Candidate

There needs to be a cooling off period of the school bus strike and restoration of services. New York City: Regarding the school bus strike I have to stop and say, 'who is getting hurt here while this goes on?' The obvious answer is the children, the special education children, who cannot get to their schools.

The disruption this causes in a small child's life and the havoc it causes a family who relies on the public bus service is unconscionable.

Everyone needs to go back to work and cool off. In situations like this where tensions are high, and both sides saying things they will likely regret, it is time for everyone to cool off.
City Council members and some members of the court are also calling for this action.
I said when I announced for Mayor of New York last week, my style is more keeping everyone in a room until a solution is found, but in the meantime I could not…would not allow the children of this City to suffer. 
In summary, I support my good friend Justice Milton Mollen, who settled the last strike in 1979. With all his experience and wisdom, the Judge has called for a cooling off period in the bus strike, and I support restoring full service until a settlement has been reached.


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