New York, NY – As the affordability crisis grows, New Yorkers across the city have called for the implementation of Comptroller Scott Stringer’s proposal to revolutionize childcare.

“Child care is a basic need for working families, but the high price of care in New York puts it out of reach for most,” said Alison Hirsh, Vice President of 32BJ SEIU. “It’s time for New York City to take a bite out of our affordability crisis and eradicate that heavy burden by providing quality, affordable care to families across our city. Today, Comptroller Stringer is putting forward a bold new plan to level the playing field for struggling New Yorkers and to give our next generation the early childhood support they need.”

Reseach has consistently documented that High-quality early childhood education is key to children’s success in school. ‘NYC Under 3’ provides a base for community-based organizations to expand services for young children. Child care services should not be a luxury for a privileged few. This proposal would have childcare accessible and affordable for every New Yorker regardless of their income. 

“Comptroller Stringer’s plan would help tens of thousands of New York City families and children. Providing for our children should not be the steep uphill battle that is it today — not for any parent. As a mother, there was no other stress then the ability to get access to child care. For so many mothers and care takers there is no other choice but to work. No family should have to choose between paying rent, putting food on the table, or providing their kids with safe, high quality childcare,” said Camille Rivera, Political Director, RWDSU. “Working parents need a foothold to survive New York City’s affordability crisis and Comptroller Stringer’s NYC Under 3 plan provides that for families and providers alike. It’s something we must do.”

Comptroller Scott Stringer’s proposed ‘NYC Under 3’ program is urgently needed and would help overcome a huge barrier facing working families:  finding affordable, quality child care. It’s the logical next step that builds on the progressive policies that have been enacted in  New York State.


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