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GINA – Know the Basics

January 11, 2013 Max H. Sicherman Several federal laws offer employees protection from various forms of employer discrimination. For example, an employer is prohibited from discriminating on the basis of

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Obama Needs Union Support to Win

October 31, 2012 Washington DC Bureau Obama Needs Massive Support from Unions To Win. If President Barack Obama hopes to be re-elected for a second term as president, he will

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Obama Leading in Virginia, 49%-47%

October 26, 2012 LaborPress Washington DC Bureau A brand new Zogby Poll shows President Barack Obama continues his ever-so-slight lead over GOP challenger Mitt Romney 49% to 47% among Virginia

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Retirement Security

October 25, 2012 Reprint from AFLCIO Website Fewer employers today provide defined-benefit pensions for their workers—and among those that do, many are offering “defined-contribution” (like 401[k]s) rather than traditional “defined-benefit”

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