The latest revival of Harold Pinter’s extramarital-affair play Betrayal, at the Bernard Jacobs Theatre, stars Tom Hiddleston, Charlie Cox, and Zawe Ashton—all of whom are making their Broadway debut.

The story is an intimate portrait of friends who are intertwined in a series of adulterous acts. Emma (Ashton), married to Robert (Hiddleston), had a seven-year affair with his best friend, Jerry (Cox). There are a series of scenes that jump back and forth in time to reveal the web of deceit and passion and bring forth a tidal wave of emotions.

The play is adeptly directed by Jamie Lloyd. The design components –sound, lighting and sets – all establish the mood and support the drama of the relationships.

Hiddleston, Cox, and Zawe are brilliant in this quasi-Shakespearean tragedy. If you love good acting and drama, this is the play for you.     


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