January 18, 2012
By Alan Lubin Co-Chair of the Business and Labor Coalition of New York

The Cuomo administration’s 2012-2013 budget message is a positive step that can create jobs, rebuild New York’s infrastructure, rejuvenate our convention business and revive the City of Buffalo.

The administration’s desire to create a Tier VI pension system for public employees is misguided and premature since the state created a Tier V in the past two years.

We believe a fair teacher evaluation program can be worked out within the governor’s time-frame City and State officials come to the table seeking a honest solution.

We need further details on the administration’s desire to consolidate state agencies and programs, and the resulting impact on the delivery of services to the residents of our state. Finally BALCONY supports the Governor’s creation of the New York State Insurance Health Care Exchange as required by the Federal Health Care for All Act.


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