Author: Ben Kimmel

Know Your Benefits

Healthcare is an essential need for everyone. This is why union delegates take a strong position during contract negotiations. The same as physical health is important, mental health is equally

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Get Ready For Phase One

Now that we are set to be underway and with hopes for at least a semblance of normalcy, workers are hopeful that businesses will reopen and the economy will regain

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Getting Ready

The City is moving closer to its plans of reopening. Aside from creating a safe environment for our community, there is also the need to ensure a clean work environment.

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A Time for Awareness

In one of his daily briefings, Governor Cuomo urged New Yorkers to address mental health amidst the Covid crisis. As an advocate, I have been steadily involved with the mental

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Teachers and Students Respond

With New York’s pause extended to June 6 and the future uncertain, the Governor shared some ideas on how to go forward and approach the “New Normal.” One idea has

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The Importance of Planning

The term essential worker has become an interesting subject. To be essential means absolutely necessary. As for workers, this ranges from grocery store clerks to gas station attendants, postal service,

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Care After COVID-19

Given the current situation, and with May being Mental Health Awareness Month, now is the time to create a strong plan before our country opens up and everyone returns to

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